Where I’d eat if I won the Lottoland Jackpot!

I’m super excited, I’ve managed to make it onto the reservation waiting list for El Cellar De Can Roca in Girona owned by the Roca brothers. I had the privilege of interviewing Joan Roca last year when he visited Edinburgh and what an inspirational man and talented Chef; hence the obsession now to visit his restaurant and taste his food. (You can read my interview here).
El Cellar De Can Roca is the No2 best restaurant in the world where the Feast Menu with wine pairing consists of approximately 15 courses and costs approx. £280pp (fairly cheap considering it’s No2 ranking). Needless to say I’ve already started saving!

El Cellar De Can Roca – Canarian chorizo, anemone sauce, potato sauce and honey of palma. Image from their Facebook page

I know many people will roll their eyes at spending approx. £800 (this includes flights for two from Edinburgh and accommodation) to dine at a restaurant, but both me and Mr TartanSpoon are super foodies and we’d rather spend time creating memories and tasting sensational food, than purchase material things.

So this got me thinking, how amazing would it be to tour Europe visiting some of the world’s top restaurants. I’d have to win a rather sizeable jackpot first but it’s good to dream, and then go online and play at www.lottoland.co.uk!

Osteria Francescana – the Festina Lente Menu. Image from their website

First Stop – Italy.
No1 Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy with Chef Massimo Bottura
I admire this Chef, not only does Chef Massimo runs a three-starred Michelin but he also uses his influence as a top Chef to inspire other chefs to combat food waste.
Dinner here will cost approx. £400pp for a 10 course tasting menu with paired wines. Courses include the famous Five Ages of Parmigiano Reggiano, which takes you on a journey through the region’s cheese resulting in different temperatures, textures and tastes. Another famous dish is the Adriatic Chowder ‘pirate ship’ pie filled with sea snails, razor clams, blue lobster and truffle clam chowder as a representation of travel, seasonality and the local coastline.

Mirazur – Oyster Oyster, Shallots Cream, Williams pear declination. Image from their Facebook page

Second Stop – Côte d’Azur, France.
No3 Mirazur, Menton, France with Chef Mauro Colagreco
Mirazur’s has the most amazing panoramic view overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Just an hour from Nice and perched on a hillside, here chef Mauro Colagreco assembles modern, delicately flavoured dishes using the best ingredients from both sides of the border, Italy and France.
Inspired by the sea, the mountains and the fruit and vegetables grown in his own gardens, Mauro invents colourful, pictorial dishes that play with textures and bold contrasts. We’d choose the Truffles Special Menu with wine pairing costing £630pp.

Mugartitz – Chilled consommé, roe and cuckooflower. Image taken by José Luis López de Zubiría, on their website

Third Stop – Spain
No9 Mugaritz, San Sebastian, Spain with Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz
Treating Mugaritz as a research lab, Andoni encourages innovation and creativity in all of his staff. I doubt you’ll ever see more beautiful plates of food. A meal takes place over 20 and will set you back approx. £280. The menu is based on Basque cuisine combing elements of land and sea, and so you’ll find dishes like lettuce hearts with chorizo and house-cured salmon bonbon, via aged mole leaves and bone marrow presented in a book, to tigernut ice cream with fresh fried rice.

Disfrutar – Image taken from their press images

Fourth Stop – staying in Spain
No18 Disfrutar, Barcelona, Spain with Chefs Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch
These three chefs all held senior positions at the legendary El Bulli restaurant and opened this restaurant in 2014. This is not for the faint hearted or those not willing to experiment and try new things. It’s possibly one of the most innovative restaurants in the world at the moment. You’ll find Gazpacho in sandwich form? Crispy egg yolk? Liquid salad? Hare bonbon? With the 30 course tasting menu with paired wines costing around £280pp, you’ll need at least 4 hours to indulge every last bite.

Geranium – Jerusalem artichoke leaves, hazelnut oil and rye vinegar. My own image

Fifth Stop – Denmark (not Europe but a short distance away)
No19 Gernaium, Copenhagen, Denmark with Chef Rasmus Kofoed
Why here? Because we visited in 2017 for the most incredible dining experience ever and would love to go back. With a 3 Michelin Star restaurant to his name Chef Rasmus is also the only chef to have ever won the gold, silver and bronze medals at the esteemed global cooking competition the Bocuse d’Or. If you are a chef, you’ll know this is a big deal! Dinner and wine pairing will really hit your wallet here at £800pp but it’s worth every penny. (Read my review here).

Obviously I’d need to win a huge cash prize but can you imagine if I scooped a lotto bet jackpot? I’d hit every top restaurant in the world then either buy elasticated pants or hire a personal trainer.

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