A Review of Sygn

I really wanted to call this post Sygn of the Times but not sure everyone would have got it and it really has no reference to Sygn Bar & Kitchen.exterior

I headed here just before Christmas. The requirements for our lunch time meet were : it needed to be somewhere near the West End, have a good lunch menu that wasn’t overly Christmas-sy and have parking nearby. And so Sygn was the chosen one.interior

I’ve been to Sygn a few times mostly for cocktails and this time we chose to go for an express lunch. I like Sygn. I like that it changes its function from serving food at lunchtime to being more bar/club like in the evenings. It does this with ease and has a really nice vibe about it.meu

The menu is full of ‘guilty pleasures’ (as it reads on their website) and includes burgers, pizzas, hotdogs, nachos and wings. WARNING – do not go here if you are on a diet or watching what you are eating!


We ate from the main menu and I ordered the Pulled Pork Nachos. Oh my these are by far some of the BEST nachos in the Burgh! They are hand cut fried torillas and not Doritos out the bag, served with lashings of cheese, sour cream, salsa and BBQ pulled pork. Absolutely delicious.


Next was the Tempura Shrimp Wrap with fries. This was filled full with shrimp and very tasty indeed. The shrimp were sweet and along with the salad made a tasty combo.


Lastly was the Chilli Brisket Wrap filled with beef and cheese. Both wraps were crispy (no soggy bottom here) and cooked well. I have to say the chips here are super fresh and tasty too.


As it was lunchtime, there was no cocktails but coffees and soft drinks! Super rock n roll.

The service was fine, very pleasant and friendly staff.

Sygn always have great deals on and currently have a lunchtime offer on of a Cheeseburger, fries and a soft drink for £7.

They also host cocktail masterclasses which is on my to-do list for 2017.

Sygn Bar and Kitchen, 15 Charlotte Lane, Edinburgh.                                                                       Tel : 0131 225 6060 www.sygn.co.uk 

My Spoon Award : Silver


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