Express Lunch at Rib-Aye Steakhouse

There are not many places were you can dine out for a fiver; in a restaurant with lush surroundings, an open air grill and a very well stocked whisky and gin bar. But you can do this from Wednesday to Sunday every lunchtime at Rib-Aye Steakhouse and Whisky Bar in Leith.

10 metres from the traffic lights of Constitution Street and Bernard Street, on Assembly Street, you’ll find this gem of a restaurant serving up organic beef burgers, Scottish beef steaks and using the best of local produce to bring you lunch delights for only £5.

Try the organic beef burger using Auld Prime beef from Peelham Farm. Its cooked pink, with a gorgeous caramelised crust, fresh brioche bun. I opted for the cheese burger. Delicious.

The Cheesey Pasta that is any cheese lovers paradise. It’s gooey, stringey and creamy with a panko and herb crumb.

The Steak Sandwich on Foccacia Bread is soft and tender served with roast onion mayo and mushroom ketchup.

You can also tuck into Baby Back Ribs, Bangers and Mash or Chilli Bowl. If your lunch money extends to an extra £1.50 you can add their super large and crispy onion rings, homemade slaw or house salad.

If I worked in Leith, I’d definitely be here every day for lunch. As it’s their Express Menu they guarantee that they will have your lunch out in 15 minutes so plenty of time to tuck in and enjoy.

Rib-Aye Steakhouse, 43 Assembly Street, Leith                                                              Tel : 0131 4671588



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