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I grew up in South Africa, around the Durban area so I’m very familiar with Durban Curries, heralded as some of the best curries in the world. Most of South Africa’s Indian population is centered around Durban and with this comes the authentic Indian handed down recipes through the generations.

A Durban Curry is very distinctive and renowned for their heat, deep red colour, sweet spices and curry leaves. If you can eat a Durban curry then you are a true curry lover. And so it was with family members that we headed off to Wrapchic with high high hopes of a decent curry in Scotland.

Wrapchic is a new Indian Burrito street food eatery on Princes St, Edinburgh (next to Primark and beneath Cafe Nero) blurring the lines between great Indian cuisine and Mexican food. They promise fresh, healthy, tasty Indian food with a Mexican twist and have a no fry policy. They also have great vegan/vegetarian options and they are happy to cater for gluten freebies too.

The eatery is small, clean, brightly coloured, friendly and relaxed. It reminds me of similar fast food joints in the USA (think Chipotle and Panda Express). It’s a place to go when you are hungry, with a group of friends and you can just tuck into some delicious hot fresh food, that’s served quickly. It’s great as a walk and eat option too.

The menu is simple and easy to follow and to order. You can order breakfast until 1130am, the Main Event from 1130am or the Quesadillas all day.

Breakfast consists of the following:

  • Muffins – fillings include egg and cheese, Aloo Tikki (V) and Veg Sausage (V).
  • Porridge – choose from Banana and Omega seeds or Honey and Granola.
  • Paratha (flatbread but not fried) – fillings include Chicken Tikka and Lamb Kheema.
  • Wraplettes (wrap filled with egg and a filling) – fillings like Paneer Bhurji.

The Main Event :

  1. Choose from a burrito, a wrap or a bowl.
  2. Choose your filling such as Chicken Mughlai, Paneer Masala and Soya Amritsari.

Quesadilla’s are sealed with cheese, Wraposa’s are a spin on samoosa’s and Wrapanini’s areĀ  their version of a panini and come with fillings such as Chicken Methi and Aloo Matar.

They only sell cold drinks, hot drinks and their House Speciality Masala Chai.

You can also order sides; Chicken Wings, Wrapchips and Wrapchos. We tried out the Wrapchips and the Wrapchos and the latter are the better option to order. The Wrapchips are lightly spiced potato wedges that are oven baked. Unfortunately, these were baked beyond a crisp and we were left with a dried up shrunken dehydrated potato wedge. However the Wrapchos were rather yummy. Warm nachos covered in a cheese sauce with salsa and jalepenos.

Now this is what we came for…. after much deliberating we all chose the bowls. I know, I know, I’m meant to try different dishes so you can see what they have on offer, but we all just wanted big helpings of curry.

We ordered three bowls of curry all served on a bed of rice with some salad at the side, red kidney beans, slaw, salsa and accompanying chutney. The beans were a really lovely touch and went so well with curry!

  • Chicken Rajasthani – a Mint and Coriander chicken served with mint chutney. Mild.
  • Chicken Muglai – a Tikka style chicken served with tikka sauce. Medium.
  • Mutton Madrasi – a South Indian spiced meat served with madrass sauce. Hot.

A green curry – it’s just from all the fresh coriander and mint sauce that coats the chicken. This chicken wasn’t hot but it was full of spices, layering the flavours. It was slightly bitter (in a good way) and the mint chutney combated this with it’s subtle sweetness. Large pieces of soft, slow cooked chicken.

The Chicken Mughlai is served tikka style which means that the chicken is marinated and then cooked in a tandoor oven on a metal skewer. The sauce is slightly creamy and tomato-y. I could taste the heat on this one. Very flavourful indeed.

Lastly, we ordered the Mutton Madrasi. This was way too hot for me. I could feel little fireballs coming off my tongue but alas not too hot for a South African who loves curry and ate a good Durban Curry at least once a week. My brother gave this a massive thumbs up. He said it is warm but the flavours were spot on and one of the best curries he’s had in Scotland! I think that says it all.

Loved the ratio of nacho chips to cheese sauce. Good job Wrapchic.

Lastly we tried some spiced brownies. Delivered is small pots, mmmm a lovely wee spicy treat for your walk when you leave.

Wrapchic started in 2012 in Birmingham and since has expanded up and down the country. It’s customised options are ideal for people on the go, an express lunch or when you dont quite want fast food but dont want a full sit down meal either.

The staff are brilliant. Really friendly, happy to explain the menu and the concept and good with the banter.

There was a gap in the market for bringing quick, healthy, spicy, fusion Indian food to the masses, not just at dinner time but throughout the day. Wrapchic have nailed it!

Wrapchic, 95 Princes Street, Edinburgh. Tel : 0131 2254729

My Spoon Award : Silver Spoon 8/10 (awarded when food and service are very good)


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