REVIEW : The Huxley

It was National Burger Day and Instagram was filled with hashtags like #yougottaeatthis #devourpower #epiceats #feastagram and #beefbeast and I wanted to get in on the action. The Huxley had just launched their new menu listing some new burgers and I knew that I wanted the Rib & Bone Burger all over my Instafeed.

Firm favourites on the menu are the hotdogs and hamburgers but you’ll also find Deli Sandwiches with pastrami and pickles; an Asian Beef Noodle Salad and platters to share such as Scottish smoked fish plate and oysters.

There are six burgers on the menu, with two of them being vegetarian. You have the Classic Grilled – with or without cheese; the Chargrilled Chicken Fajita Burger; the Rib & Bone Burger, the MacBurger and for vegetarians, the Mac ‘n Cheese Burger and the Grilled Halloumi.

TartanSpoonie, Lotte, chose the Mac Burger. 5oz Angus beef burger with a crispy crumbed mac ‘n cheese patty, with Gruyere and homemade ketchup served with twice cooked hand cut fries and house slaw.

The Gruyere cheese was melted over the top of the mac ‘n cheese patty just incase there wasn’t enough cheese. The mac ‘n cheese was well seasoned, really cheesy and perfect el dente pasta. Biting through the mac ‘n cheese and the beef patty definitely brought a smile to Lotte’s face. The slaw was nicely coated, not too much mayonnaise and crispy and fresh. Fries were rather delicious too.

National Burger Day was on the Thursday 23rd August and was invented by Mr. Hyde here in the UK. A day dedicated to the burger, a food so popular that many claim to have invented it; all we know was it was created sometime around the turn of the 19th century. Hallelujah to that!

And then it was time for some serious devour power and attack of the beef beast. Introducing the Huxley’s Rib & Bone Burger.

It’s a 5oz Angus beef burger with braised beef short rib, maple glazed streaky bacon and melting swiss cheese served with fries and coleslaw (not that you will need these!)

Holy moly, this was Instagram dreams and tastebud heaven. Removing the bone doesn’t take away much of the height – I’d be super impressed if you could get your mouth round this! It does require the use of a knife, fork and fingers as there is so much of it!

The beef short rib is rich, tender and packs a beef punch, the burger is dense and well seasoned and the cheese and bacon just wrap themselves around this is flavour love.

I’ll leave this video here so that you can take in this skyscraper from every angle.

Folks, do yourself a favour, if you love a great burger packed with meaty goodness, something that will fill your belly full and leave you with a smile on your face, then this is the burger to eat and the Huxley the place to go! Superb!

The Huxley, 1 Rutland Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2AE Tel: 0131 229 3402

My Spoon Award : Gold 9/10 (awarded to eateries where the food and service are excellent)



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