REVIEW : Radhuni, Indian Restaurant Loanhead

When you hear that an Indian restaurant and their Chef has won Chef of the Year at the Scottish Curry awards, you know that the food is going to be GOOD! Ashok Ram, Head Chef at The Radhuni in Loanhead has won a few awards as has their Executive Chef, Matin Khan.

The Radhuni is located in Loanhead High Street and I urge you, instead of visiting a chain restaurant at Straiton near Ikea, head about 5 minutes down the road into Loanhead and eat at Radhuni. The food is freshly prepared and very tasty, the staff are super friendly and just overall a very relaxed easy going place to enjoy good food for lunch or dinner, week days or weekends.

Their menu is extensive with mouth watering sounding dishes. They have a lunch menu, A la Carte menu, Tapas Tuesday menu and a Sunday banquet menu. Lunch menu is 2 course for £8.95!

We started off with poppadoms and the selection of mango chutney, onion salad, mixed pickle chutney and the mint and yoghurt sauce. No Indian menu should be read without having these on the table prior to deciding what to eat. I promise you it makes the decision making process easier (not really but I quite like munching away whilst flicking through a menu).

The light green concoction of the mint and yoghurt sauce is my favourite and I could have quite happily poured the entire bowl over a poppadom but I had to share it with my friend! Poppadoms were large, crispy and plentiful.

You can choose from the vegetarian starters such as the Aloo Chatt – small pieces of potato cooked with tomatoes and cucumbers in a hot and spicy sour sauce; or the Chana on Puri – chickpeas cooked in fresh herbs and spices with a sweet and savoury sauce or the Sabzi Pakora – deep fried balls of gram flour, onions, mixed vegetables and a variety of spices, served with special sauce.

We both chose from the Non-Vegetarian Starters and I went for the Minced Lamb Samosa. Perfectly formed, light, crispy, crunchy with a lightly spiced lamb and vegetable filling. Most impressed with the sauce art on my plate though.

My friend ordered the King Prawn Puri. This was not-so-king king prawns in a subtle but gorgeous sauce served inside a puri which is an unleaved deep fried bread. The sauce was thick and so very tasty with a strong flavour of coriander coming through. The spices were soft but complex and every bite tasted different. The prawns were decent, juicy and cooked well, just not sure they were king prawns.

Now for mains you can choose from :

  • Tandoori Dishes. Ideal for those watching their weight as these dishes are roasted or baked in the tandoor over which is a bee hive shaped, top-opening earthen oven, fired with charcoal and they are low in calories, nutritious, delicious and easily digested.
  • Radhuni Specials like Rogan Fish or Butter Chicken.
  • Radhuni Classics – fresh, lean chicken or lamb, prawns or king prawns, served with a classic range of curry sauces.
  • Balti Dishes – for those that don’t like too much heat. Fresh herbs, garlic and onions, cooked in a medium sauce.
  • Biryani – dishes prepared from Basmati rice, chicken, lamb, king prawns, cooked in Ghee (clarified butter) with delicate herbs and spices, served with a mixed vegetable curry sauce.
  • Vegetarian Main dishes
  • Sides, rice and breads

We spent an age trying to decide but we got there eventually. My friend chose the Chicken Badshahi. Slices of tandoori chicken cooked with spring onions, green peppers and half cut tomatoes. For me this was a super hot, flames coming out my mouth kinda dish, but for my friend it was warm! It smelt delicious though. Thick with tomatoes and large generous sized chunks of hot melt-in-your-mouth chicken.

I ate the Lamb Pasanda. Radhuni are renowned for their lamb dishes and I now know why. The lamb is so tender, soft, succulent, juicy and soaks up the very light spices from the mild, creamy almond sauce. This dish is fabulous and one I will order again. The sauce was quite thick but perfect for scooping up with some ripped off piece of naan bread or mixing into those last few spoonfuls of rice.

The Peshwari naan was bubbled and scorched slightly, filled with that lovely almond paste and a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

I don’t usually have desserts at Indian restaurants, not because I don’t like them but because my eyes are always bigger than my belly and I fill up on poppadoms, starters and curries. We decided on a wee Mango Kulfi to share. It a bit like sorbet just creamier and this one packed a big mango punch. A lovely wee close to a delicious meal.

Radhuni are definitely old school. The atmosphere here is relaxed, the waiters are pleasant, smartly dressed, they smile alot and talk alot when asked about something (which is nice). The food is delicious and there is a lot of it. It’s a great space for dinner for two, catch up with friends, family outings and celebrations. They also have a outdoor garden area where you can enjoy your meals too.

Do make a point of visiting them for a curry and a beer, you will not regret it. No trip to Ikea should be complete without eating at The Radhuni.

The Radhuni, 93 Clerk Street, Loanhead EH20 9RE.

Tel : 0131 440 3566

My Spoon Award : Silver 8/10


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