REVIEW : Picnic Afternoon Tea at One Square

With Afternoon Tea’s on the rise perfectly sandwiched between lunch and dinner, finding the ideal venue to indulge in savoury and sweet treats mid afternoon is serious business.

One Square at the Sheraton however has made this decision easy and now offer the Pretty Perfect Picnic Afternoon Tea.

Over looking Festival Square, splendid in the sunshine, with views up to Edinburgh Castle, this is a great spot for people watching!

The interior of One Square is comfortable elegance. Large windows opening up the space, stunning lamp shades and cleverly sectioned off areas.

Our red Gingham tablecloth as an ode to an outdoor picnic was laid with teacups, crisp white folded napkins and a box of speciality loose leaf tea courtesy of Twinings in anticipation for the afternoon tea ritual.

You’ll find lovely tea such as Redbush Caramel Velvet, The Mighty Assam, Rosy Fig White Tea, Simply Sencha and Jasmine Petals and Pearls.

How do you choose your tea? Mine is all on the aroma and this Morrocan Mint and Rose certainly done it for me.

My dining partner chose the Superfruity one. The colour was fantastic and it seriously tasted just like it looked. Super fruity.

The mint and rose was a beautiful golden yellow colour. The teas are delivered in large clear teapots with instructions to let them infuse for several minutes. Ahhhh nothing like a good cuppa.

Besides enjoying tea you also receive a complimentary glass of Prosecco from Rocco Venezia. Rocco Rosé for me and Rocco Prosecco Brut DOCG for Clare.

To get your tastebuds ready for the amazing afternoon tea, this gorgeous wee shot glass of sunshine is delivered to your table. Red Pepper Gazpacho served with a pesto and olive crouton! The gazpacho is room temperature and smooth-ish, a nice blitz of red pepper. The crouton is fantastic!

And so to the table, the plates laden with savoury delights start to arrive.

  • Ayrshire pork & Braeburn apple sausage roll
  • Smoked salmon & cucumber finger sandwich
  • Smooth chicken liver pâté on crisp thyme baguette
  • Usually it’s Home-dried tomato & mozzarella quiche but we were asked if we had any preferences and we chose to swop out the quiche for delicious Duck Bon Bons.

The Duck Bon Bons were better than any haggis bon bon (and I love haggis bon bons!). The shredded duck was super savoury and the batter was crispy with a nice crunch to it.

The sausage rolls were magnificent, filled with well seasoned pork with the sweetness from the apples just coming through. The pastry was light and buttery but not flaky. Scrumptious.

I’m not a fan of pate, but Clare loves it. Very smooth and creamy just not enough crouton to the pate luckily she had the crouton to eat too!

Next to the table came the wow factor! A large wicker picnic basket with the sweet feast perfectly arranged. Eyes lit up for joy and lips got licked! This was a banquet of epic proportions.

  • Strawberry fruit tartlet with vanilla crème patissiere
  • Watermelon lollipops with Thai basil & lemongrass syrup
  • Millionaire shortbread
  • Toffee & chocolate cupcake
  • Honey, fig & curd cheese tart with almonds
  • Lime & blueberry cheesecake
  • Sharp raspberry doughnut

Where do I start?!?

The strawberry tartlet was lovely. The pastry was super light and thin, just holding the filling of creme topped with this sweet slices of strawberry. Done! finished in two bites!

The watermelon lollipops were marvellous. I loved them but Clare didn’t. They looked like watermelon confit. The Thai basil was very evident and very fragrant.

The millionaires shortbread was rich in chocolate and caramel. The biscuit base was short and buttery. I loved the pattern on the top.

The toffee and chocolate cupcake was strangely heavy for a cupcake was very enjoyable. Inside there is a nice surprise of gooey caramel.

The fig tarts were okay. I don’t like figs but tasted this anyway.

The cheesecake was a disappointment. They looked great but unfortunately they were tasteless. I couldn’t taste any blueberry nor lime (this could be because I’d already eaten alot and my tastebuds had given up slightly) however I was impressed with the slight wobbliness of the delicate dome.

Raspberry doughnut. What’s not to love about sweet soft warm dough filled with raspberry compote!

We weren’t quite finished yet. There were still 3 varieties of scones to make our way through with rhubarb and vanilla jam and clotted cream.

  • Brown sugar & apple
  • Mull Cheddar & mustard
  • Plain scone

Each scone was better than the next if that is possible. Just when you finish one and you think it cant get better it does. The Mull Cheddar was my favourite. When you pulled it apart in the middle, there were lovely specs of cheese throughout the scone and spread with a little butter, made for a simple perfect bite or three.

When a food coma is a good thing because you couldn’t stop eating all the delicious morsels from the One Square Picnic Afternoon Tea. £26pp with a wee glass of bubbles. #afternoontea

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What an Afternoon Tea! This is how it’s done Edinburgh. At £32 per person, you will most definitely leave feeling substantially full with a belly full of deliciousness having spent the best part of two hours chatting over Prosecco and tea with your bestie whilst watching Edinburgh go by!

The staff are lovely. Attentive and knowledgeable about all things tea, Prosecco and every piece of the feast.

Highly recommended.

One Square, Sheraton Hotel, 1 Festival Square, Edinburgh, EH3 9SR.

Tel : 0131 2216422

My Spoon Award : Gold 9/10











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