REVIEW : Noks Kitchen, Stockbridge

Where do four hungry souls on the hunt for something full of spice and flavour dine in Stockbridge? The true hidden gem that is Noks Kitchen.

Noks Kitchen is a small wee establishment on Gloucester Road in Stockbridge. It’s family run and super friendly, and very very welcoming. You almost feel like you are sitting around their family table.

We had four very different palates to cater for; one who loves super hot spicy food, one who likes a little spice but more flavour, one who is a thai food aficionado and one who likes fairly plain food. Straight up, Noks Kitchen, catered with ease to all our different tastes.

Starters : We tried to order one of their most popular dishes, Nok Chom Suan which translates to Bird in the Garden, but they were sold out. This dish is Thai royal steamed dumplings with juicy prawn, chicken, sweet turnip, peanut, black pepper and crispy shallot filling, finished with coconut cream reduction. I little gutted (but it means a good excuse to revisit) we ordered the Special Sharing Platter of chicken satay, prawn tempura, Thai fish cake, curry puff and beef salad.

A very decent sized platter for two people to share. The prawn tempura was perfect so very light and crispy, and well seasoned. The curry puffs and the beef salad were the two standout starter dishes on this platter. The beef salad looked like a little sloppy mess of noodles but the beef was tender and soon disappeared.

We also ordered the Pu Suay which is crab meat cooked with red curry sauce and vegetables stuffed inside a crispy dumpling which delivers with every mouthful; and the Vegetable Spring Rolls which were fresh, homemade, crispy, stuffed full of aromatic vegetables and served with a chilli sauce. A lovely wee starter to wake the tastebuds up.

Moving onto mains, it was four dishes of : Thai Classic, Pad Thai; Pad Med Ma Moung; two Gaeng Panang Curries, one super hot and one mild.

The Chicken Pad Thai is stir fried rice noodles in tamarind sauce with spring onions, egg, sweet turnip and bean sprouts served with ground peanuts and fresh mango.
The presentation is heart-warmingly old school. It brings about a warm fuzzy feeling and you just smile. Pretty impressive. The Pad Thai comes with a wee side bowl of extra dried chilli flakes and crushed peanuts – a ying and yang. It was all sprinkled over the top of the hearty serving and received a big thumbs up. Once again the plate was cleared.
The Pad Med Ma Moung is a crispy chicken stir fry with cashew nuts, onions, peppers, spring onion and chilli. It was outstanding and I feel that when I do go back this would be my constant go to dish.
Again the presentation is impressive, served in a large nest of crispy noodles. It’s not spicy hot but you can taste the spices and they are just more-ish. The chicken is crispy and coated with a generous helping of lovely flavourful sticky sauce and large pieces of onions and peppers.
The two Gaeng Panang Curries, were both chicken slowly cooked in a rich curry sauce with coconut milk, lime leaves and topped with red chilli. One was ordered with extra super duper spice me up chilli and the other ordered as is.
Delicious large succulent chunks of chicken soaked up the rich curry sauce. The fiery curry I could smell from across the table, but my friend was happy so that’s all that counts. Served with a side order of sticky rice, this was another clear winner and lovely that you can order to suit your taste without any hassle what so ever.
The dishes can be tailored to your taste by adding prawns, chicken, beef, duck or tofu; or simply go for the vegetables. Everything is so fresh and I love the use of a lot of ginger and garlic, lemongrass, thai basil, honey, tamarind and chillis.


So there you have it folks, the low down on one of the best Thai Restaurants in the Burgh. I almost feel bad about reviewing it, cause it means the secret it out…


Nok’s Kitchen, Gloucester Street, Stockbridge, Edinburgh.
Tel : 0131 2254804


My Spoon Award : Tartan Spoon 10/10


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