REVIEW : La Petite Mort, Supper Club

Secret Supper Clubs in unusual or quirky locations; or those held in someones lounge are somewhat a thing of the past and there is now the rise of one-off unique experiences held at great restaurants. They offer different evenings in intimate settings with people united through a universal love of food and drink.

La Petite Mort is the latest Edinburgh restaurant to start their Supper Club and I went along to their inaugural event.

La Petite Mort is a cosy wee restaurant just around the corner from the Kings Theatre. They specialise in sourcing and using only the very best of Scottish produce, with the food reflecting seasonality and a passion for cooking.

The Supper Club evening theme was helping La Petite Mort choose some wines for their new wine list and was hosted by their restaurant manager, Mike Davies with special guest, Guy Chatfield from Inverarity Morton, Scotland’s leading independent wine merchant.

Now it’s always a good idea to start with a glass of something suitable to start the evening off with and a South African wine, Saronsberg Methode Cap Classique Brut 2015 was chosen. It’s from Tulbagh in SA, and a mix of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  The wine has a translucent colour with a slight green edge. You’ll pick up flavours of toasted biscuit, fresh apple and citrus notes. It’s quite acidic and dry but light and fresh on the palate.

Supper Clubs are a lovely way to meet like minded people and sitting at a table of foodies is always a great thing for me.

Our starter was soon delivered to our table. 48 hour smoked pulled pork collar terrine with caramelised carrot mousse paired with the Griset Sauvignon Gris 2015.

I always get a little surprised when a dish is cold or served at room temperature. This very pretty colourful dish is served at room temperature and plated up so well. You can tell that care and love extended all the way from cooking the food to plating it up. The wee squares of carrot mousse where creamy and a dollop of this ontop a mouthful of terrine brought about a perfect harmony of textures and flavours.

The wine was one of my favourites of the evening having switched allegiance from red to white wines recently. It’s a French white and for me tasted quite tropical but you’ll definitely pick up hints of grapefruit. It’s a little less acidic than a Sauvignon Blanc.

Dish number two was the Black Ravioli filled with Confit Lobster, Thyme, Vanilla and Marscapone with blanched Asparagus, roast Celeriac and a caramelised butter Hollandaise. The wine was Woodstock Mary McTaggart Reisling 2016.

A striking dish and possibly one that you need to re-wire your brain for. Black food and certainly black pasta, although fairly common, is still a dish that sort of takes you a few seconds to process. But when you know what delights lie inside, picking up the knife and slicing through the middle of the large disc isn’t difficult. The filling inside the ravioli is as good as it sounds. Creamy from the marscapone with a generous amount of soft lobster that was well seasoned. The cubes of celeriac and the crunchy, just cooked asparagus provided the ‘bite’ for this dish. I scooped up every last morsel.

The Woodstock Mary McTaggart Reisling. This Riesling is an English wine grown in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. This is named after Mary, the head of the family, who had a love of all things aromatic and started the herb garden on the wine estate. This wine has classic lime juice and citrus floral aromas; its juicy, vibrant and refreshingly dry.

For the third course we ate the Roast Lamb Rump with Lamb Shank croquette, rosemary potato rosti, pea and mint puree and a red wine jus. The wine is Schola Sarmenti Critera Primitivo 2015.

I love lamb and it’s one of my go to choices of red meat. This dish had the potential to be outstanding but the lamb for me was rare, very rare! Perhaps a little too rare for my liking. I don’t mind very pink lamb but felt that no cooking process has touched this particular piece of lamb. To be fair I should have sent it back to be cooked, but I didn’t, so my fault really. I know that La Petite Mort would have rectified it without a fuss. I continued eating the remainder of the dish which was fabulous. The croquette was fat with pulled lamb, crumbed and fried; the pea mint puree brought the dish together and the rosti was crispy and light.

The Schola Sarmenti Critera Primitivo wine complemented this wine superbly well. The wine is big and bold, boasting flavours of dark cherries and blackberries. It’s round, juicy, rich with a very silky smooth finish and picks up every flavour of the dish, enhancing every mouthful.

Lastly we all managed to squeeze in dessert, well it was cheesecake after all! A White Russian Cheesecake with blackberry and a pinenut and mint salsa. The accompanying wine was Domaine Jones Muscat Languedoc 2015.

A lovely way to end a 4 course meal. The cheesecake was a very generous slice. The jelly was set yet soft, the cheesecake filling very light and fluffy with the biscuit base providing just enough snap as your spoon cut through it. The stewed blackberries accompanying the dish were lovely and tart helping to cut through the rich creaminess. Delightful!

Domaine Jones Muscat Languedoc is a gorgeous dessert wine. You’ll taste elderflower, honeysuckle, peaches and apricots. It’s not overly sweet but fragrant and fresh and a very easy drinker!

La Petite Mort will only host another four very specific Supper Club events this year as per the list above. I have no idea what’s in store but the food will reflect the time of year and there will no doubt be some surprises on the night.

A massive thanks to La Petite Mort, Inverarity Morton and all the other wonderful foodies around the table. A genuinely wonderful evening.

If you are interested in booking their Supper Clubs, best to give them a call on 0131 229 3693.

La Petite Mort, 32 Valleyfield street, Edinburgh

My Spoon Award : Gold 9/10

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