REVIEW : Demijohn Edinburgh, Liquid Deli

Did you know that Edinburgh has it’s own liquid deli? and has had one for over 14 years?

It’s located on the most Instagrammable street in Edinburgh, Victoria street.

Demijohn are an Eco Retailer where the products are sourced from small artisan producers (many organic) from predominantly within the UK, many from Scotland, who all have a passion for good food and drink.

The deli is also passionate about their waste footprint and all their wares are stored in large demijohns where your chosen liquid can be decanted into refillable glass bottles of your chosen size and shape with eco-friendly corks and bags made from recycled material.

On the one side of the room you’ll find the wine, brandy, vodka, rum and liqueurs whilst on the other side you’ll find oils and vinegars.

Starting on the boozy shelves, you’re encouraged to sample what takes your fancy whilst Daniel, the lovely and very knowledgeable shop assistant, will provide you with all the background information on the provenance, the maker and the shop.

You’ll find delights such as…

This Morello Cherry Brandy Liqueur from Julian Temperley at Burrow Hill Farm in Somerset and made by infusing handpicked Morello Cherries in Apple Eau de Vie. This is a lovely little after dinner drink and it’ll pair well with cheese or top it up with some Champagne for something fizzy.

But if like me you love cake, mix the Morello Cherry Brandy Liqueur with this Chocolate Rum Liqueur and you have a Black Forest Gateau cake in liquid form! Yum. This is the product of over 6 months of joint experimentation and development work with Colin and Phyllis Hingston and their Daughter Mitch at their farm in Worcestershire. Made in a similar way to a Sloe Gin, the Cacao bean is infused in a dark spirit Rum in order to provide a rich, yet unsweetened flavour to the rum.

Back in Scotland, you’ll find superb Bramble Scotch Whisky Liqueur made in East Lothian. It has a wonderfully rich and fruity taste, balanced perfectly with a little tickle of whisky. Perfect with cheese as it has similar properties to port which makes it ideal for making gravies and sauces for game and red meat dishes; but I say just drink it!

I love ginger and anything with ginger in it, so this was one of my favourites. The Ginger Wine from Devonshire in the West Country, started by a retired banker who escaped the city to start making wine. It’s delicious on its own but a great base for cocktails too. It’s very smooth, quite spicy and the heat of the ginger only kicks in after several sips.

Their most popular, and rightly so as it’s utterly delicious, is the Seville Orange Gin.  This gin takes nearly a year to create and mature. Initially you’ll smell the aroma of orange, followed by a distinct yet subtle citrus sharpness mixed in with sweet juniper overtones.

Very quaffable neat, it’s also great served with Demijohn’s Lime Vodka and Ginger Wine to make the Citrus Sundowner Cocktail.

1 measure of Lime Vodka Liqueur
1 measure of Seville Orange Gin
1 measure of Ginger Wine
Indian Tonic Water
1 fresh Lemon
1 fresh Lime
1 fresh Orange
This is a long drink refreshing drink, so choose a high ball glass or increase the quantities and add to a pitcher for larger parties. Add the measures of Lime Vodka, Seville Orange Gin, Ginger Wine with plenty of ice to a glass. Then add the juice of a quarter of fresh lime and a quarter of fresh lemon. Top up with tonic water, stirring gently. Garnish with small segments of lime, lemon and orange.

Moving to the other end of the room, you’ll find some amazing foodie liquids.

From expensive Tagliavini Italian Balsamic Vinegar to White Truffle Oil and Perthshire Rapeseed Oil; from Italy to Greece and local produce, Demijohn has it all.

The White Truffle Oil comes from a farm in Madderty, Perthshire;  two talented Ladies, Penny Turnbull and Lindsey Anderson from Fife make the Tayberry Vinegar; but you’ll also find some lovely olive oil from Corfu and Tuscany.

Demijohn’s is a liquid emporium of large glass jars filled with boozy delights, potions and concoctions. It’s very forward thinking in terms sustainability, ethical responsibility, wastage, provenance and eco credentials. They are paving the way for what most delis, cafes, and potentially supermarkets should be aspiring to. Demijohn I salute you!

More information on their ethical sourcing, their story, store locations in Glasgow, Oxford and York can all be found on their website

Demijohn, 32 Victoria Street, Edinburgh. Tel : 0131 2254090

My Spoon Award : Gold 9/10



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