REVIEW – New Burgers at Boozy Cow

The look is Romantic Grunge – urban art, graffiti, dark lighting and a slight industrial feel with the reclaimed fixtures and fittings but this basement burger bar has a great location – Frederick Street in the heart of Edinburgh City Centre.

Boozy Cow have a new menu. For me it’s always been about the burger and will continue to be about the burger, but they have other things on the menu too like dogs and wings. They have new burger combos and trying to choose is insanely difficult. Alcohol and cream where desperately required to help aid with the decision.

Your water comes in these really cool skull water bottles. Dare I say it – brain freeze?!?

First things first, we needed a drink to start. My co-diner choose to have a cocktail and choose the Pink Angel with vodka, raspberry and elderflower. A very pretty cocktail – quite sweet but easy to drink.

I choose the dairy option (honestly it was purely for the Instagram!) – the Edinburgh Rocks milkshake. Boozy Cow have a headline milkshake every week but for the August Festy madness, they have the Edinburgh Rocks. A strawberry bon bon inspired shake, made from the freshest strawberry ice-cream, milk, and a dash of blueberries. All topped with cream and an edible Edinburgh Castle, strawberry bon bons, marshmallows and sherbert. And of course you get your own wee firework decoration too!

It’s insanely good; it’s massive and on a hot Summers day, this is a real treat.

Now we had to make a decision and choose burgers! That bit was easy, now we just had to decide what burgers.

My co-diner chose the Deer Stalker Burger. A venison patty topped with smoky bacon, pickled red cabbage, blue cheese, crispy onions, lettuce and tomato.

It looked amazing and smelt amazing and I am happy to report that it tasted pretty darn good too. The venison patty was thick, well cooked and seasoned; the pickled red cabbage was delicious and added a good texture and tang to the burger.

A choose a combo of two burgers – just because you can. A choose a mash up between the Butter Me Up and the Dirty Chicken Burger.

The Butter Me Up Burger is griddled buttermilk chicken, mozzarella, crispy bourbon jalapeños, spicy tomato ketchup, lettuce and tomato.

Whilst the Dirty Chicken Burger is fried chicken fillet dipped in hot pepper gravy, lettuce, tomato, grilled pineapple and red slaw.

Essentially I ordered the Butter Me Up without the jalapeños and spicy tomato ketchup and replaced them with grilled pineapple.

Again another great burger. The buttermilk chicken was crispy and crunchy with soft chicken breast in the middle, and the cheese and the pineapple all worked well. I did ponder however, how Boozy Cow managed to grow or get their hands on mini pineapples – the pineapple ring on my burger was a little larger than an Oreo biscuit! (think about it…. it has to be from a mini pineapple).

On the side we had the sweet potato fries – lots of them served hot.

Other items on the menu that sounded good were the Chilli Dog served with chilli beef, re-fried beans, crunchy tortillas, sour cream and melted cheese; or the Beach Body Burger of chickpea patty, grilled halloumi, roasted red pepper and cucumber yoghurt; or the Po Boy of Cajun breaded haddock, crispy onions, gherkins, lettuce, cucumber and Sriracha sauce.

For those that want to walk on the lighter side, the Cobb Salad with lettuce, avocado, tomato, boiled egg, crispy pancetta, chicken, blue cheese with a ranch dressing might go down well.

And for those with a sweet tooth I think the best thing to order would be the Bacon Ice Cream Waffle with BACON ICE CREAM!

Boozy Cow mainly operate an Eat Dirty Policy meaning that all the food is served on trays (where possible) and there is no cutlery. Eat with your hands people! I kinda like that.

The staff are great here. Friendly, chatty, knowledgeable and helpful. If you want good burgers, cocktails, ice cold beer, mountain like milkshakes in the city centre, then Boozy Cow is the place to dine.

Boozy Cow, Frederick Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2EY. Tel : 0131 2266055

My Spoon Award : Silver Spoon 8/10










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