REVIEW : Bottomless Brunch at Radisson Royal Collection

Who doesn’t love brunch?? It combines two great meals of the day and if it falls on a Sunday then you get to have a Full Scottish breakfast and a Sunday Roast.

The new Bottomless Brunch at Cucina, Radisson Collection Royal Mile is more Smoked Haddock fishcake than Avocado on Toast and it’s certainly one of the more opulent places in Edinburgh for brunch.

Cucina, is without a doubt a beautiful restaurant. The design is created by Scottish Design Duo, Timorous Beasties and certainly delivers the ‘wow’ factor.

Cucina has a new chef, Chef Andrew McQueen and with him taking up the helm, comes a new menu packed with locally sourced ingredients as the hotel continues to bring the farm-to-table concept to new heights and each dish is carefully garnished with herbs from the restaurants EvoGro hydroponic systems. Each dish pays homage to Scottish gastronomy and the whole menu is dotted with British classics.

The Bottomless Brunch is new and it’s great value for money at £35pp for 3 courses and unlimited Prosecco. Yes you read right, unlimited Prosecco.

I went along to see what all the buzz was about.

Bottomless Brunch at Radisson Collection

What are you doing this Sunday? One things for sure, you’ll wake up hungry. Do yourself a favour and book the Bottomless Brunch Radisson Collection Royal Mile, Edinburgh. Their 3 course Brunch is great with unlimited Prosecco for £35pp. Starters is a buffet shown in the video, mains can be breakfast or Sunday lunch dishes and desserts. Sooo much food! Well worth a visit!

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On arrival you’ll note the long table at the top laden with plates of food. This is the Starter Buffet and you are welcome to work your way through it. It’s a selection of cold cuts of salami, chorizo, parma ham and pate, smoked fish such as salmon and trout, shellfish including prawns , salads such as chickpea, tomato and potato salads, breads including sweet Brioche Bread and baked rolls, pastries like croissants and dressings. There is plenty there to tantalise any taste buds.

You’re welcome to order up tea and coffee, but in the meantime a lovely cold bottle of Prosecco is popped at your table and your glasses are constantly topped up throughout your meal. What a delightful way to start a Sunday…

They do a Full Scottish Breakfast with steak and a choice of eggs and Eggs Hollandaise with fishcakes as their breakfast dishes; whilst for Sunday brunch/lunch, you’ll find Roast Beef, Roast Chicken, Risotto and Gnocchi dishes.

And so to the table came two gorgeous Sunday Roasts – one chicken and one beef. The Roast Chicken was fantastic. A very large portion of chicken breast and leg; cooked and seasoned very well.

The skin was slightly crispy and the meat was soft, succulent and almost melt in the mouth. The potatoes were perfectly crispy on the outside, and like little fluffy clouds on the inside. The flavours were wonderful and can I just sing the praises of the Chef that made the beef jus or gravy – AMAZING! It was a gorgeous consistency, rich in flavour, silky smooth and glossy and was happy to have it smothering every morsel.

The Roast Beef was several slices of large medium rare beef, a very large yorkshire pudding and roast tatties.

The Yorkie was massive, crispy and well cooked on the outside (small criticism maybe slightly overcooked), and when you tore it open, it was filled with large pockets of that lovely savoury cooked batter perfect for mopping up that glorious jus.

Both these dishes were served with cauliflower cheese and carrots. Sorry no picture of the veg – I tucked and demolished my brunch then remembered!

After another glass or two of Prosecco, it was time to make the final decision on dessert. Tough choice between the Sticky Toffee Pudding; the Chocolate Pave and the Waffles. I choose the Sticky Toffee Pudding as it’s a dessert I love and also a ‘go to’ but because I do love it so, it’s a means to compare the quality and general yumminess of the dessert.

And… ticked all the boxes. Sponge light and fluffy? Tick. Superb toffee taste? Tick. Was it gooey and sticky all the way through with enough sauce to soak into the sponge? Tick. Was the overall yumminess a 10/10 yumminess? Tick. It was also served with a lovely quenelle of vanilla ice-cream.

My partner knows me so well and ordered the Chocolate Pave as he knows I’m a fan of peanuts and would have chosen this if it weren’t for the Sticky Toffee Pudding on the menu.

Pavé is the French word for “paving stone” and similar to a torte. They are usually rectangular (this one was cut in two resulting in two triangles) and are a very rich, smooth and dense flourless chocolate cake. This one was chocolate and peanut butter, with chocolate sauce and a peanut brittle. This one was quite fudgey and light and the peanut brittle shard, for me held the big peanut flavour. A very filling, death-by-chocolate dish.

The Bottomless Brunch at the 5* Radisson Collection Royal Mile is fantastic. It’s great value for money in an award winning restaurant where the staff are friendly and extremely attentive. I’d happily recommend this for a big, boozy brunch.

Radisson Collection Royal Mile, 1 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh.

Tel : 0131 2206666

My Spoon Award : Gold 9/10






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