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I’m really liking the recent move of new restaurants to this clean, contemporary, open interior design with large communal tables, closer more intimate booth seating and your normal tables and chairs. So many aspects like lighting, smell and acoustics play an extremely important part in luring the diner into the space, to the table and to the food; which is why I thought that choosing black and white as a colour board for @pizza was a little unusual. Black and grey tones naturally suppress the appetite but at @pizza this only sets the stage for their big, bright, vibrant pizzas. Red, orange and yellow stimulate hunger and green makes you feel like you are healthy! I think @pizza may just have hit the jackpot when it comes to feeding their customers hunger in every which way.


@pizza or at pizza is based in the West End of Edinburgh, Charlotte Lane and they promise to have your pizza ready in 90 seconds! Yes you read that correctly, 90 seconds or 1 minute 30 seconds or a minute and a half. It is true and they are exceptionally good.

You’re greeted at the door by a very friendly staff member and handed a menu then the floor is yours to choose your ideal spot. We headed to a wee booth next to the large bold black and white wall.

The menu is straight forward. All their pizzas are £9.50. You can make your own combo or go with one of their suggestions like their Mean Greens where they’ve put a salad on a pizza basically or their Eat Meat Repeat with pepperoni, spicy sausage, ham and meatballs. Toppings include vegetables from broccoli to baby spinach; protein from chorizo to king prawns and ‘finishes’ from wild rocket to kalamata olives to chilli oil to stilton cheese.

The whole process is simple too. It’s a kind of make it as you go. Head up to the counter and choose your dough – either sourdough or 100% ancient grains (this one doesn’t cause you to bloat and eliminates that over eaten feeling!). Choose your sauce – tomato, roquito pepper, pesto genovese, BBQ or garlic & ricotta.

Choose your cheese – mozzarella and cheddar mix, mozzarella, mozzarella pearls or vegan cheese (great to see them using Scottish cheeses!) and then choose your toppings!


The lovely staff will assemble your pizza as you go along the ingredients line. Once done they pop it in the wonder oven and wha-la, 90 seconds later it pops out the other end, baked to perfection.

We chose the Design Your Own and went for a little bit of everything. Sourdough, with classic tomato sauce, with mozzarella and cheddar mixed cheese, then the toppings of mushrooms, sweetcorn, bacon, pineapple and rocket! A nice we collaborative effort between the two of us and it was delicious.

The base is thin and crispy but still with enough bite and it still feels like you are biting into something. It doesn’t crack from being too thin.

The pizza is quite long but the staff cut it into strips for ease of eating. If you were hungry you could polish off one of these all by yourself.

We weren’t finished quite yet. We still had to try the dessert pizza – Vanilla Sky. This was the must try pizza, and we thought we could handle it!

So back to the counter and a very similar process is followed. Pizza based smothered in sweet ricotta and topped with mixed berries. Into the wonder oven and out it comes, with the berries all smooshed up and warm.

The chocolate sauce is then generously drizzled over the top, lovely round dollops of sweet ricotta are dotted over it and then its dusted with icing sugar.

Can I just say that this is insane! And it should really be half the size as after sharing a pizza and then trying to eat this was pure stupidity! This deserves your undivided attention and should be eaten all by itself. It is lovely. It’s light, a little goo-ey with the sweet juices from the berries, the lovely ricotta and the chocolate sauce adding the correct amount of sweetness. A must try.

They also have some great craft sodas, local beers and wines. We opted for the craft sodas and choose the Apple and Bramble and the Ginger, Lime and Mint.

I have to mention the staff here. They are superb! Friendly, smiley (which seems a rarity in most restaurants these days) and genuinely happy to help. I watched them with other customers too and they were fantastic, helping them through the process. A very cheery bunch!

There are so many pizza places in Edinburgh now but there is always room for one more. @pizza definitely have tapped into the lunch crowd providing you with a delicious pizza in approx 3 minutes (assembly and 90 seconds to cook).

I highly recommend @pizza and I have a feeling it might become a regular lunchtime haunt.

@pizza, Charlotte Lane, Edinburgh Tel : 0131 2855940

My Spoon Award : Tartan 10/10



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