REVIEW : Afternoon Tea at The Shore, Queensferry

It was nice to be the passenger for a change, it provided me the opportunity to snap a few photos as we headed over the Queensferry Crossing.

Our destination was The Shore, Double Tree by Hilton at North Queensferry. The reason for our visit was to try out the Afternoon Tea.

They have three ‘teas’ available. You can have the Cream Tea (£6.50pp), the Afternoon Tea (£14.50pp) or the Afternoon Tea served with Prosecco (add £4.95) or Champagne (add £10.00).

I am a breakfast tea kinda gal and my Afternoon Tea partner is a fruit tea kinda gal. However a list of tea’s aren’t available so it’s a matter of choosing something that the waitress remembers. Luckily anything ‘berry flavoured’ featured mostly in the ones our waitress mentioned, so a red fruit tea was ordered.

The up side is that the teas are Suki Teas (organic and fairtrade) and served in a lovely pouring teapot. Happy days.

Soon after we took our seats in one of the booths this delightful classic three-tiered cake stand was placed on our table. With the sun streaming in the large windows, it was time for ladies that lazily lunch or in this case bask in the sunshine whilst nibbling yummy treats and sipping tea.

As with all Afternoon Teas, you start at the bottom with the sandwiches. There is usually always salmon, egg and cucumber. This was a little different and I was over the moon. I love salmon but only hot smoked or a cooked fillet. I hate cold smoked salmon which seems to be the most popular choice for making sandwiches with.

As per the photo above, these sandwiches were beautifully fresh, crusts cut off and spread thick with sweet Scottish hot smoked salmon flakes, cream cheese, chives and mizuna cress (micro-herb).

We also had vintage cheddar, red onion jam and cos lettuce and a honey roast ham, Dijon mustard and tomato. Both very nice indeed.

No Afternoon Tea is an Afternoon Tea unless is has cucumber sandwiches. The Shore do theirs with a twist and a combo – egg mayonnaise, cucumber and mustard cress.

And lastly the avocado, roast red pepper and goats cheese sandwich. This was all nice and smooth and creamy. A really great combo of flavours.

Now for the middle tier where all the wee nuggets of cake gems hide….but not for long.

Here you will find Lemon Drizzle Cake, Stollen Fingers, Macarons, Red Berry Delice, Chocolate Brownie and Cheesecake.

The absolute star of the Afternoon Tea was the red berry delice. This was like eating flavoured air. It was so light and fluffy yet packed with a berry flavour punch. Loved it!

The Chocolate Brownie came a close second. Wee broon squares of total gooiness. The outside had that lovely light crack and the centre was soft goo. Yum!

Ah but then we had the cheesecake. Turn up the creamy factor. Light crumbly biscuit base with a lovely slight wobble cheesecake filling.

Onto possibly one of my all time favourite cakes – the Lemon Drizzle Cake. For me the drizzle hadn’t drizzled far enough so only a third of the cake tasted of lemon. It was also a wee bit dry.

Macarons were perfect round wee discs of delight. Melt in the mouth, slightly chewy and disappeared within minutes.

Now to the top tier. The scones with butter, jam and clotted cream, also a random wee cube of tablet (not that I am complaining).

By the time we had reached the scones we were pretty full. Luckily it’s such a lovely spot to rest for a wee bit, chat a bit more, drink more tea and then find the space to enjoy a scone with butter, jam, clotted cream and a raspberry (in that order).

Scones were light and slightly sweet. They had a nice bake on them, soft inside and didn’t crumble when you tried to spread on the butter, jam or cream. I love Tiptree jam and ours was Strawberry.

This was an utterly wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon, a rare treat for me. The Shore is a very calm space and a nice escape from the hustle and bustle. The view is stunning (look past the carpark) out over the Forth and the Queensferry crossing. It’s almost hypnotic and if you manage to dine on an gorgeous sunny day like we did, you’ll be very reluctant to leave.

The staff, as I have mentioned in my previous reviews, are super friendly and helpful. They have just the right amount of banter without intruding.

I loved my Afternoon Tea at The Shore and highly recommend it.

The Shore Grill & Fish House, DoubleTree by Hilton Edinburgh – Queensferry Crossing, St. Margaret’s Head, North Queensferry, Fife, KY11 1HP

T: 01383 410000

My Spoon Award : Gold 9/10

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