REVIEW Urban Fox, Causewayside, Edinburgh

Urban Foxes are bold, abundant and active in the Edinburgh suburbs; but Causewayside is home to a very cosy, laid back, chilled out den – The Urban Fox restaurant.

Located just past Summerhall, across from the Meadows and around the corner from the Queens Hall, Urban Fox is a very handy. It has a lovely entrance area, a larger seating area plus a wee cosy semi-private den ideal for large parties and groups.

The decor reminds me of an old school house or classroom with old fashioned school chairs and white wooden panelled walls but minus the strict school mistress and the discipline. This place is laid back, easy going and quirky – you’ll notice more and more ‘foxes’ and the animal ‘salt and pepper shakers’ as you look around.

The menu is just large enough to offer some good choices without feeling like you’re missing out. They offer sharing platters – you can choose between three or five starters plus salads, mains, steaks and burgers.

We decided to opt for three starters to share. Halloumi fries were a definite, as was the mussels and the beetroot and coriander falafel sounded good too, so that was our third choice of starter.

Halloumi fries were lovely. They were served with a really gorgeous garlic dressing and I loved that they still retained the ‘squeak’ when bitten into.

The Beetroot and Coriander falafel with tzatziki held so much promise. A strange one this, as it only had a slight beetroot flavour but no coriander came through and it was a little bland. The tzatziki was also a little under seasoned but strangely they worked well together and I have to say we ate the lot!

The bowl of mussels came in a white wine and garlic sauce. They were fresh and the sauce was the right consistency. This was served with some large thick slices of chunky brown bread – you’ll definitely want this to mop up the sauce. Nice touch of additional finger bowls.

The mains choices were a mix between what you would get in a bistro and a restaurant. The Main Dishes include dishes like the Twice Cooked Belly Pork with black pudding mash (drooling as I read over the menu again) and Classic Fish n Chips but you can also have Ribeye Steak with sides like haggis balls, mac n cheese and coleslaw.

We chose off the Mains section of the menu and ordered the Roast Duck Breast with parmentier potatoes, wilted greens and a red wine and rosemary jus.

A pretty, pretty plate of food, that absolutely 100% delivered. The duck was cooked to perfection. Pink in the middle, seared on the outside and well seasoned. Potatoes soft n fluffy inside the wee cubes with a nice crispy outside. The red wine and rosemary compliments the  duck meaning that this plate was left empty!

I chose the Roast Salmon Fillet with dill crushed potatoes, asparagus, capers and almonds.

I am so glad I chose this dish. Another dish cooked to perfection. The salmon skin was crispy and the salmon fillet fell apart but still firm. The potatoes coated in the dill with the hint of capers really elevated this dish and I couldn’t wait to take another bite, and another, and another. Totally gutted when it was finished.

Unfortunately, this is were the magic ended. This very picture perfect dish had elements that were delicious but unfortunately the cheesecake was too gelatinous and the base was just too goo-ey for me. (I definitely tasted coconut in here so perhaps that’s what gave it a bit of a goo-ey soggier than normal bottom!). Ice cream was nice.

I like the Urban Fox. It’s bang on trend, friendly, relaxed and has opened in an area that needed a little something special. The food is not overly expensive – expect to pay £4-£7 for starters (or £12 for three and £18 for five if you choose a sharing platter), with mains around the £11-£14 mark depending on what you are eating. The portions are good and I’d be surprised you’d manage three courses unless you were ravenous of course. They also cater for vegans and vegetarians too.

Whether you’re looking for a place to have a gab with a mate, a date night or a special occasion, pop into the Urban Fox; it’s a spot you’ll want to spend time in.

Urban Fox, 19-21 Causewayside, Edinburgh. Tel : 0131 662 6766

My Spoon Award : Silver Spoon (food and service are very good. Equivalent to 8/10)


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