REVIEW : The Manna House Bakery and Patisserie

Manna looks like coriander seed and tasted like wafers made with honey, and it produced the ‘bread of heaven’ according to the Israelites  (Psalm 78:24).

At The Manna House Bakery and Patisserie on Easter Road, Edinburgh, they most certainly have the recipe for happiness – each and every bite of their cakes, bakes and breads will transport you to heaven!.

The Manna House is situated at the top of Easter Road (London Road end) and is a small compact space with approx 10 seats but has shelves and counters groaning under the weight of baked delights.

They have a breakfast menu with some great dishes listed from Scrambled eggs on toast to croissants and bagels all baked in house and also have a lunch menu serving up soups, filled rolls and salads.

We headed in around 12noon; perfect for brunch. We managed to get the last seats in the bakery as the queue was already starting to form out the door. It’s a popular spot and we found out why.

Both of us could not resist the sound of the Toasted Banana Bread served with butter and jam. The Savoury Croissant baked with bacon and cheese also caught our eye but we only had eyes for the banana bread; and believe me, we were not disappointed.

What arrived at the table was a mini mountain of thick slices of banana bread (okay four slices to be exact). These were toasted and warm, turning the edges of the bread crunchy and allowing for a thick layer of butter to slowly melt into the banana sponge. There were also small nuggets of chocolate chips in the bread that along with the butter, started to melt too.

Heaven = Manna.

They have the usual suspects on the drinks list from Espresso’s to Latte’s but I was intrigued by their hot chocolate section : Hot Chocolate and Luxury Hot Chocolate made with Belgian chocolate. I think this calls for another visit to Manna House Bakery, but I might just wait till it’s really cold and wintery.

The Banana Bread will fill you up and you will finish every morsel on your plate and wish you had room for more; BUT there is always room for cake. I am sure we have a special compartment in our bodies reserved for cake only!

Here we have the Bread and Butter Pudding slice. It’s massive and almost Croissant like filled with flavours of vanilla and cinnamon.

A gluten free Lemon Drizzle Cake made from almond flour. It was light but dense from where the lemon mixture had soaked into the sponge.

And then, just because we hadn’t quite had enough cake, their lovely pastry chef asked us to try out her Pistachio Cheesecake. Ohhhhhhhh. Cheesecake heaven.

There is no doubt that this is pistachio flavoured, it runs all the way through the cake. It’s light, soft, moussey and dissolves in your mouth. Utterly delicious.

Apologies for all the ‘oooo’s’ in the video but if you’ve ever been into Manna House, you’ll know why.

I love that you are able to see into the bakery from the counter and you can start to imagine the flour being sifted and the magic happening at 4am each morning (4am is only based on my knowledge that bakers rise early and start baking early!).

The shelves are absolutely overflowing with yumminess but I reckon that each day, that’s short lived. You need to get there early to get the best of the goodies.

The staff are fabulous. They seem to swirl and twirl around behind the counter switching between restocking the shelves, serving walk in customers and attending tables; all with great smiles on their faces and a certain confident flare.

A bakery/patisserie that I will most certainly revisit, hopefully time and time again.

The Manna House Bakery and Patisserie, 22-24 Easter Road, Edinburgh.                                    Tel : 0131 6522349.

My Spoon Award : Gold Spoon (9/10).











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