A Review of the Salvation of Leith

Location! Location! Location! are the key words when it comes to the Salvation of Leith. It occupies one of the prime spots on the Shore and comes with the added bonus of a large area to the front of the building with outdoor seating that doesn’t impede on the pavement. And as the sun always shines on Leith, this watering hole basks in glorious afternoon sunshine. The ideal suntrap on the Shore!

A had been invited to review their sister bar/restaurant The Empress on Broughton Street last year (read my review here) and have visited their other pub, Jeremiah Taproom, so I had a fairly good understanding of their concept. They concentrate on craft beer with good substantial casual dining menu; and it works.

You’ll find local craft beers from Pilot, Campervan Brewery’s specially brewed Leith’al Juice and cocktails inspired by ingredients from Leith such as Crabbies Ginger Beer. Even their coffee is from Leith-based Williams and Johnson Coffee Roasters.

Beer aficionados will have the choice of five fixed beer taps and a further eight rotating draught lines alongside a selection of small batch Scottish and UK beers and stouts. On the spirit side, whisky fans can choose from a wide selection of Scottish gins and over 30
single malts whiskies.

The Salvation of Leith, comes with an American inspired menu featuring pulled pork, tacos and most of all Burgers with a wide variety of toppings and sides.

Straight up, we decided to tuck into the tacos! We ordered the Soft tacos with Crabbies slow cooked pulled pork, sauerkraut, cheese & guacamole (£6.50) and the Blackened Cajun coated fillet of fish, grilled pineapple & tomato salsa, aioli (£6.50).

Can I just say that their tacos are AMAZING!!!!!! And quite filling. Ideal bar food, a quick snack or something to eat whilst engrossed in good conversation with your pals.

I opted for the Blackened Cajun taco. The fish was well flavoured and cooked well. Tossed with the sweet bites of pineapple and fresh salsa, this was a big hit with me.

Here’s another close up!

My dining partner ate the Crabbies slow cooked pulled pork, sauerkraut, cheese & guacamole taco. This was impressive too. A very mellow tasting dish but still flavourful (I had a wee bite for reviewing purposes only). This is quite loaded with cheese but I think it compliments the pulled pork very well.

The menu screams burgers so this seemed the best option to go for. There are ‘Not a Burger’ options available which are served inside toasted bloomer slices instead!

As we were dining at the Salvation of Leith we felt we should have the House Burger – The Salvation topped with cheese, smoked streaky bacon, haggis fritters & aioli (£10).

I ordered the Mighty Quinn (£10) topped with Crabbies drunken pulled pork & blue cheese. I really didn’t enjoyed the pulled pork on this. Although no doubt freshly cooked and pulled, the pork tasted re-heated. But this wasn’t a problem or a distraction from the main burger. I merely removed the pork and thoroughly enjoyed the burger. Their burgers are big and juicy. Well seasoned, succulent with just the right amount of caramelisation happening on the edges! The buns were fresh and the garnish was just right! The burger had been well rested before being plated as the juices didn’t run into the salad (I dinnae like a soggy lettuce leaf!) nor the bun.

Nice touches of the haggis fritter and the crispy bacon on the Salvation burger. All in all they make good burgers!

We ordered fries too. The good ol fashioned fries (£3) which were tasty and the halloumi fries (£4.25) that were a wee bit of a let down ONLY because my expectations were extremely high after having had their halloumi fries at the Empress which were fat wedges of halloumi, that were crispy on the outside and a strange squeaky gooey on the inside!

If you haven’t had the halloumi fries at the Empress then you’ll enjoy the halloumi fires from the Salvation. They do have a lovely paprika flavour (perhaps as a result of them being covered in the bright orange spice) and are crispy! I did eat the lot! so they are goooood.

Lastly, and only because I am sure there was some space left in my pinky finger and because I always need food pics, we ordered the Cracker Jack dessert (£7) which is banana, salted caramel and popcorn.

This genuinely looks like it would be so much fun to eat and a perfect summers treat but all in all its just a tall glass of banana, salted caramel and popcorn. It got quite messy about a third of the way in when everything starts to mix together and that included the flavours.

The Salvation of Leith is a lovely new addition to the Shore. It ticks all the boxes. It’s light and bright. Staff are friendly and helpful. It’s dog friendly (hoorah and provide water bowls for our dugs!). It has superb out door seating with great views. The food is good. Their drinks are local and crafty.  What’s not to like!

The Salvation of Leith, 58 The Shore, Leith Tel : 0131 5554636 

My Spoon Award : Bronze 7/10





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