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They always say you should look up when you are wandering around Edinburgh as we have some of the most wonderful architecture and the details on some of our buildings is second to none.

At the east of Rose Street, you will find one such building, that if you are a fan of art deco, then you’ll love the façade of this building. The Rose Street Theatre has just recently opened (September 2018) after having been boarded up for many a year. Danish ballet legend, Peter Schaufuss has taken on this amazing space that boasts 5 performance venues/rehearsal spaces and a café. Watch out for Peter’s next adventure, converting St Stephens Church into a community arts hub and festival venue.

The café is most certainly the hub of this fantastic space and with fabulous warm welcomes from Mary (Chef) and Sinead (Front of House) you will soon feel right at home here, want to settle in, put your feet up (please don’t actually do that) and just relax.

Obviously the theme is roses and red which brings about a cosiness to this space but red is also the colour that informs our brains that we are hungry and needs to be fed, luckily you’ll want to constantly graze here.

We popped by for brunch/lunch. Firstly we got the coffee ordering out the way and were pleasantly surprised when two large pink mugs of delicious coffee arrived. Rich, smooth coffee with decent froth and the right amount of creaminess.

On the menu, you’ll find freshness and a list of great ingredients made up to create superb dishes. On their brunch menu the decisions are tough!
Do you choose the Eggs Benny on Chunky Toast?
Porridge with ginger, cardamom, acai blueberry compote, seeds and soya milk?
Vegan breakfast with vegan haggis, vegan sausage, smoked mushrooms, pesto, avocado and toast?
Chilli jam, bacon and cheddar cheese toastie?
Chipotle tofu, carrot, basil and sweet potato wrap? or the Soup with toasted cheese scone?

I wasn’t in the mood for avocado and felt rather hungry so decided on the Full Breakfast. This came with chunky toast, bacon, eggs and sausages. Sinead also suggested a side of their BBQ beans and their sensational pesto and chilli jam.

An absolute cracker of a brunch on a plate. The sausages and bacon are from Ramsays of Carluke, thick sourdough toasted and two perfectly fried eggs. As far as a breakfast goes, there was nothing here not to love. The BBQ beans were butter beans with a smokey kick.
Out of the pesto and the jam, the chilli jam got my thumbs up but TartanSpoonie preferred the pesto; personalised tastes – either way, thumbs up for both.

TartanSpoonie, Carmin ordered the Eggs Florentine (spinach) on chunky toast. A plate any breakfast lover would clear. Soft eggs, thick toast with a crunchy crust and a soft middle and an earthy salty layer of wilted spinach.

We thought we could eat no more but Sinead and Mary wafted their freshly baked, still warm vegan cinnamon rolls in our direction and we decided to linger a while longer and share one of these baked cinnamon clouds. Light, fluffy and utterly scrumptious.

Brunch here was an absolute pleasure. It’s a very friendly, easy going cafe where everything is made with care and a lot of love. They cater for all of us here – vegans, veggies, gluten freebies and carnivores (I cannae think of another word!) and everything is delicious. I cannot recommend this places enough and can see why The Skinny has just given them 3 awards for the Best Cafe, the Best New Place and the Best Lunch.

Rose Theatre Cafe, 204 Rose St, Edinburgh EH2 4AZ. Tel : 0131 226 4000


My Spoon Award : Tartan Spoon 10/10





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