REVIEW : Mimi’s Bakehouse new all day Brunch

When someone mentions Leith, my mind automatically wanders to thoughts of food and Mimi’s. I’ve been loving Mimi’s since it opened in 2010 and they truly are a family business with mum, dad, daughters, sons, in-laws and grandchildren all helping out.

Mimi’s cakes, french toasts and cakes have seen me through much laughter, joy, tears and heartache and no doubt will continue to put a smile on my face in years to come.

I was invited to come in and try their new all day brunch menu. Mimi’s have a fantastic breakfast menu which includes the BEST french toast in the Burgh complete with bacon and maple syrup. The problem is breakfast only runs from 9am-12noon and when you have a hangover or just need a lie in and then find yourself yearning for a dookie egg and some bacon, you check the time and realise that breakfast has finished; and then you are utterly gutted!

Solution – Mimi’s brunch menu, which runs ALL DAY folks. So if you make it before 12 noon that scrumptious French Toast or Breakfast Stack is all yours, but if not, you can still tuck into some pretty amazing breakie plates of food.

Just so you know Mimi’s cater for Gluten Freebies (including their french toast), Vegans and Vegetarians too.

So what’s on offer. Well first things first, we needed to get our priorities sorted. A Mimi-osa (fresh orange juice and prosecco) for Lotte and a cuppa tea for me.

Mimi’s have recently switched their tea supplier and I am delighted to report that they now use local supplier, eTeaket for all their tea needs.

The menu isn’t huge, but I’m glad it’s not; it makes decision making easier especially in the morning.

On the Brunch menu you can have :

Avocado Toast – classic avocado smash, cherry tomatoes, sourdough – add poached eggs and chilli flakes or Spanish chorizo and feta.

Halloumi and Avocado – avocado, crispy halloumi, free range poached eggs, crispy onions, sourdough and hollandaise sauce.

Shetland Salmon and Hollandaise – Shetland oak smoked salmon, free range poached eggs, sourdough and hollandaise

Chorizo Hash Browns – crispy potato, fried onions, Spanish chorizo, spring onion, free range fried eggs and homemade ketchup.

TartanSpoonie, Lotte, chose the Halloumi and Avocado. A massive plate of food arrived. Two large sourdough slices loaded with smashed avo topped with perfectly poached eggs and covered in hollandaise sauce. Halloumi chunks were served on the side. Every morsel was devoured.

My order was for the Chorizo Hash Browns. This plate of food hit the spot!

Two perfectly fried eggs with 100% dunkability factor. The potato hash brown squares fitted perfectly into the runny yolk basin. Once I’d smothered the potato in the egg yolk I then spread a little of the homemade tomato sauce on top. Boom! My breakfast tastebuds ran around my mouth shouting YASSSS.

With breakfast finished, we couldn’t resist a look at the cakes. Cakes are the foundation on which Mimi’s is built and it’s almost an insult to say no to cake! (that’s my excuse anyway).

Their counters are loaded with frosted jewels from cakes to biscuits, tray bakes to scones.

Say hi to Mike!

I love Mimi’s. It delivers consistently delicious food time and time again. The staff are wonderful, it’s a very warm, friendly welcoming place and I cannot wait to pop in and see them when the take over the Cafe at the City Arts Centre.

Mimi’s Bakehouse, 63 The Shore, Leith, Edinburgh. Tel : 0131 555 5908

There is no doubt that for me, Mimi’s gets a Tartan Spoon! 10/10



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