REVIEW : Konkana, Indian Seafood Restaurant

When a new seafood restaurant opens up, I’m there. I’m a BIG fan of seafood and a champion of Scottish Seafood as we have some of the best fish and crustaceans in the world!

Konkana, is a new Indian Seafood Restaurant, recently opened in Tollcross so I was intrigued to find out how they manage to marry seafood with Indian spice. As it happens, they know how to do it rather well!

For me the interior is quite glitzy. It’s modern and quite contemporary in decor with muted walls of soft lilac and grey, large green plants and floor to ceiling windows but lacks ambience.

Luckily the warm welcome from our host and waiter warmed the experience up and we soon had a beer in one hand and crunchy fresh poppadoms in the other, pondering what dishes sounded the best.

This is a menu filled with seafood delights and if you love seafood, it’ll be a tough decision to make. There are three main sections on the menu

  • Indian Coastal Collection lists mouth watering dishes like Kerala Cod with coconut, tomato and tamarind; and the Goan Fish Curry with salmon, fenugreek and fragrant red chillies.
  • Traditional Favourites where you’ll find non-seafood based dishes – chicken, lamb and vegetarian.
  • And lastly, the Konkana Traditional Whole Meals describing four dishes of crab, lobster, seabass and prawn.

Our waiter informed us that the Soft Shell Crab wasn’t available. I was a little disappointed as this was my chosen dish, but it also raised the question of the origin of the soft shell crab as you are unlikely to get them fresh in the UK.


The Amritsari Fish Starter was pleasant. It’s locally sourced fish, hake on this occasion, coated in a lightly spiced batter. Three chunks of hot, flaky fish with delicate subtle spices.

The Chilli Squid was very tender; thin rings and tentacles coated in crushed chillis. The coating was lightly dusted and not greasy at all.

They were soft and succulent with just enough bite. No elastic bands here! Served with creative zig-zag lines of sweet and spicy mango chutney.

Konkana does take the crown when it comes to naan breads. I have never, ever eaten such fabulous naan breads and believe me, I’ve had a few. Their garlic naan, pictured here is pretty darn good BUT their Peshwari naan deserves a gold medal and I have to apologise sincerely for not getting a photograph of it. (I was too busy eating it!).

For some reason our waiter delivered two Peshwari naans to our table. As first I raised an eyebrow but one bite in, I was hoarding an entire one to myself, so thank you.

The naan bread was soft and pillowy on the edges where the dough was a little thicker, and then it was thin and crispy towards the centre. The naan bread sandwiched the almond paste which was sweet, then savoury, then sweet again. A delectable paste that I couldn’t get enough of. If Deliveroo deliver just the naan breads, I might have to have Konkana on speed dial.

A dined with a perfect plus one on this occasion. He loves super spicy Indian food (the hotter the better) and I like mild, spice filled Indian food. Konkana, are so accommodating when it comes to your spice levels, they are happy to adjust the heat to suit.

The Prawn Curry came super spiced. Good sized prawns, well cooked in thick bright red hot sauce of coconut milk, tamarind and mustard seed. The prawns had been cleaned but had their tails left on which made it easy to ‘fish’ them out of the curry sauce.

The Sea Bass Whole Meal is served with lemon rice glazed with cherry tomatoes and a rich masala sauce.

A very generous portion of fish and rice arrived. The fish was well cooked although the skin was a little soggy for me (I prefer mine crispy and easy to remove). It was a mild curry sauce and a well executed dish, just nothing exciting about it.

I have to confess that this was the first time I had ever eaten an Indian dessert so I have no benchmark on which to critique it against.

The Gulabjamun is described as a classic Indian dessert of fluffy cardamom-spiced doughtnut holes soaked in rose and cinnamon syrup. The doughnut balls are deep fried and then marinated in the syrup. They were only slightly sweet and I loved the taste of the rose. My only question is – what do they do with the doughnut???

Konkana lives up to what it’s name – Konkana is named after the Konkan region of India, an area well known for its seafood and fish specialties. It delivers on the spice front as well as great seafood and fish dishes.

Definitely worth a visit!

Konkana, 30-32 Leven Street, Edinburgh. Tel : 0131 2286694

My Spoon Award : Silver Spoon Award 8/10  (awarded to eateries where food and service are very good)












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