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It was a weekend of breakies and brunches and being Sunday, we wanted somewhere low key, easy going and in the city centre.

Foundry 39 have just extended their opening hours and are now serving breakfast/brunch and so we adhered to their signage…but first brunch and coffee.

Foundry 39 has been around the West End for a while now and I know it better as a cocktail destination. Their interior has quite an industrial feel to it, but it’s a big space with lots of booth, tables and chairs combos and sofa/arm chair seating. Even when this place is full, you’re not squashed in like sardines and there is ample room to move around between tables. The colours are warm coppers and browns. It’s comfortable.

Firstly, latte’s were ordered. Large red cups with frothing milk, a must for a very dreich day.

The menus are certainly different; large newspaper like menus that are fairly substantial. Pages dedicated to breakfast and brunch; snacks and salads; burgers, fries and sides, pizzas, kids menu and desserts – one menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast/brunch covers healthy options, cheat day options and hangover options.

For the health conscience try Granola with oats, raisins and honey served with whipped yoghurt and berries; or the Porridge Oats with either maple pecans and banana or berries and mixed toasted seeds. Both sound mouth watering but just weren’t hitting this spot for us on this particular Sunday.

A wee trip around the world sees eggs from Turkey and Columbia, both sounding quite exotic. The Turkish Eggs are poached eggs in whipped yoghurt and spicy chorizo butter on toasted sourdough and the Columbian Eggs are scrambled eggs with hot sauce and sliced avocado on toasted sourdough. We were all salivating at this point.

One other dish that really made us take longer than normal to order was the Hangover Pizza. Not a hangover in sight but it epitomised the perfect Sunday brunch… glazed smoked bacon, fried egg, onion jam, marinated buffalo mozzarella and hot sauce.

So what did we order? First up the Breakfast Bap. Grilled Old Spot sausage, glazed smoked bacon and a fried egg on a brioche burger bun.

Quite a sexy little number, all neatly stacked and staring up at you looking unctuous.

The brioche bun added a slight sweetness but didn’t overpower the savoury element of this sandwich. Bacon was cooked perfectly with a generous serving of rashers, the sausage was quite dense and very beefy although it was meant to be pork and the egg just finished it all off.

Up next, the American style pancakes. Two toppings available here – yoghurt, berries and mixed toasted seeds or the banana, maple pecans and chocolate sauce.

Four nicely sized fluffy pancakes, neatly stacked topped with squirty cream and mashed berries and jus. The pancakes were light, fluffy and flavoured with vanilla. The berry smash was thick and slightly sweet and I loved how the pancakes had soaked up some of the jus. My only grumble – put more cream on it! By the time you got to the last pancake there was hardly any jus, berry smash or cream left to enjoy the last few remaining bites.

A fairly healthy breakfast choice this time, with the Smashed Avo with chilli and lime, flat mushroom, roasted vine tomatoes, poached eggs and toasted sourdough.

Poached eggs cooked to absolute perfection resulting in some wonderful egg popping moments and lips being licked in preparation for tucking into this gloriously colourful breakfast.

Now onto the pièce de résistance. Every day, every breakfast should begin with this. This is what breakfast goals are made of. This is the Brunch Fries. Seasoned fries topped with crispy bacon, chorizo ketchup and a fried egg.

You don’t know you need these until to try them, and then you can’t get them out of your head. I’ve been dreaming about them ever since I had them and really need to go back.

The cheese is melted in the centre of the chips underneath the egg and coats the chips in cheesy goo. The chorizo ketchup is deliciously more-ish and adds a depth of meaty flavour when devoured with the bacon. The egg has to be runny and oozes out over the top of it all. Just scoop it all up and demolish. They say this dish is for sharing, but believe me, you’ll share it once then never again!

Brunch at Foundry 39 is delicious. Every dish was well cooked and although generous portions, you don’t leave feeling stuffed and uncomfortable.

The service is good, a few glitches but nothing that you can’t put up with on a lazy Sunday morning.

Foundry 39, 39 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4RA.

Tel : 0131 5106766

My Spoon Award : Silver 8/10 (awarded to eateries where food and service are very good)


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