REVIEW Christmas Cocktails at The Ivy on the Square

I’ll remember Christmas 2018 for the Christmas Cocktails. I’ve indulged in quite a few over this festive season and I’m extremely impressed with the variety of tastes, textures and beauty of some of these¬†receptacles promising festive folly.

One place offering a small yet perfectly formed menu of Christmas Cocktails is The Ivy on the Square, which is ideally located for when you need a decent tipple pre, during or post Christmas market festivities.

If you’re only heading in for some cocktails, you’ll more than likely be seated at the very luxurious bar with comfy fixed seats, and served by the very friendly, highly efficient barmen. They really do know their craft and shake, twirl, flip and twist like absolute pros.

There are four Christmas Cocktails plus a Gingerbread Latte for those that just want to warm up.

  • Mulled Wine – a warm blend of winter spices, red wine and Havana Especial rum
  • Merry Martini – Absolut Vodka, baileys, pumpkin spice syrup topped with whipped cream and cinammon
  • Gin-ger Fizz – Plymouth Gin, ginger and lemongrass cordial topped with Ivy Champagne
  • Hot Buttered Bourbon – Makers & Mark Bourbon, vanilla syrup, hot water and melting spiced butter

Doesn’t this look absolutely divine? The Merry Martini.

Almost too easy to drink, that you don’t even know there is alcohol in there but what a delight to have something boozy with whipped cream on top! You could quite happily knock back a few of these and leave very merry indeed.

Hot Buttered Bourbon – a superb twist on a hot toddy. It’s particularly boozy and the first few sips will take your breathe away. It’s warming and the spiced butter really makes this feel like the perfect winter drink.

Of course you can’t drink without something to eat and the Ivy do serve up some superb bar snacks. The courgette string fries are always a winner and they serve up a hearty portion that will keep you munching between sips of your cocktails.

There are also the delectable haggis bon-bons.

Crumbed and fried, these wee balls are mouth-wateringly good.

The Mulled Wine is delicious and another cocktail that you could have quite a few glasses of. The rum is a great addition to this and gives it a good tang at the end of each sip. It’s not sweet and the spiced wine definitely makes an appearance.

Gin-ger Fizz was one of my favourites as it has ginger, gin and champagne in it, so how could I not love it. It’s sparkly and to me this is a drink you’d raise to toast in New Year.

The Ivy on the Square, knows how to look after you and will serve you up some great cocktails. (You can also choose cocktails from their drinks menu).

Go on, I urge you, treat yourself this Christmas.

The Ivy on the Square, 6 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh. Tel : 0131 5264777

My Spoon Award : Gold. 9/10


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