REVIEW Chinese Manor House, Corstorphine

When you are hungry and you need good food fast is sometimes when you discover hidden treasure. The Chinese Manor House isn’t hidden treasure, in fact it’s there in plain sight for everyone to see and I am so delighted that me made a hungry pit stop here.

It’s located on a very busy round-about around Corstorphine/Clermiston way, at the bottom of Drumbrae Road and opposite a landmark retailer, PC World. It looks like a white house on the corner and has very restricted parking behind it (enough for about 5 cars and its a tight squeeze).

Once inside, you’re struck with the royal blue decor. The seat covers are blue instead of the traditional red and the place is vast but very clean. It’s busy.

Two starving women so we very quickly made up our minds up on what to order and ordered old faithfuls. We skipped starters and went straight to mains.

Traditional Sweet and Sour Battered Chicken Balls. Super hot, freshly made with tender chicken and a non-greasy batter. Large portions that were wolfed down in no time.

Marinated beef with peppers and black bean sauce. This arrive on a hot cast iron plate, super hot and sizzling at the table. Utterly delicious.

Rice arrived in these gorgeous wooden rice steamers with large ladles allowing you to scoop and transport the hot sticky rice onto your plate.

Fortune cookies are wonderful and mine is definitely true. Keep a watch out for something I’m launching later this year taking inspiration from a world famous TV food blogger!

Their menu is large but there are so many lush sounding dishes that I may have to work my way through them. Crispy Shredded Duck spring rolls, Chicken Breast dusted with cornflour and fried served with orange, lemon or a mango sauce is gluten free; there’s Satay dishes, Kung Po dishes, Szechuan dishes, Chow Meins and curries. There is also Thai and Japanese as well as banquet dining specials. Go have a look on their website.

I really liked the Chinese Manor House and I hope to return often, even a take away will do.

Chinese Manor House, 2 Glasgow Rd, Edinburgh EH12 8HL.                                                        Tel : 0131 334 9545

My Spoon Award : Silver Spoon 8/10










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