REVIEW 111 by Nico Glasgow, TOTAL TRUST menu

Trust – a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.

Trust – Allow someone to have, use, or look after with confidence.

According to Chef Patron, Nico Simeone “The first and most important element of this dining experience is the expression of trust. It’s not simply saying, ‘I don’t care what you give me,’ instead, it tells our chefs that the customer trusts their judgement about the current seasonal produce available to them and what the best courses could be at that particular moment.”

The TRUST menu is a five course tasting menu where you get to choose from a list of twelve ingredients; but you also have TOTAL TRUST (6 courses) a gastronomic leap of faith where you put your entire trust in the chefs and every element of the menu is a surprise. At £25 for the five course or six course with matching wines an additional £22, this is one giant leap you don’t mind taking.


One of the waiting staff enquired about any likes or dislikes, allergies etc to which I replied that I don’t like mackerel, trout or pate and that we were going all out and embracing TOTAL TRUST.

Amuse Bouche was Mushroom Veloute with truffle and parmesan. A grey little number that packed a mushroom punch, with little nuggets of hidden clusters of parmesan cheese slowly melting in the soup. Truffle was evident and added a lovely deep earthiness to the overall flavour.

Course 2 – Scorched mackerel with cod roe and puffed rice.

My partner’s dish. The mackerel was fresh and the skin crispy. The puffed rice added a lovely crunchy dimension.

Matching wine – Barbazzale Bianco, Sicilia, Italy.

Straw yellow in colour, with light green highlights with hints of citrus and a definite mineral note. Goes great with vegetables.

Course 2 – Jerusalem Artichoke with pickled mushrooms.

My dish – very light and fresh with a mild nutty flavour. The artichokes where al dente, soft with a little bite.

Course 3 – Scorched Leek with pasta parcels.

I loved this course. The scorching of the leeks brought out their sweetness and the pasta was perfectly cooked.

Matching wine – Petite Trez, Torrontes, Argentina.

An aromatic nose, with a slightly grassy touch. On the palate it has a ripeness in
the middle followed by a crisp finish.

Course 4 – Cod with mussels, saffron and fennel

Yet another triumph of a fish. The cod was cooked perfectly, well seasoned and fell apart. The whole dish was perfectly balanced.

Course 5 – Ox Cheek with onion relish

Succulent, tender and falling apart is the only way to describe this ox cheek. Lovely contrasting textures.

Matching wine – Chateau Minvielle, Bordeaux, France. 

Medium bodied with large bold juicy plum fruits flavours. Pairs perfectly with beef or venison.

Course 6 – Baked Pineapple with pannacotta

The pineapple ice cream was tremendous but the pannacotta was more like a jelly sweetie than a cream dessert.

Matching wine – Vite Colte Moscato D’Asti, Italy.

A delicious, frothy wine with a touch of sweetness and a nice crispness to
balance. A lovely, easy to drink wine.

I prefer the concept behind 111 by Nico to Six by Nico. 111 by Nico doesn’t raise you’re expectations nor does it provoke nostalgia which can lead to a sense of disappointment when the dishes don’t match your memories. 111 by Nico, builds on your sense of excitement and risk taking. You are delighted at each dish laid down in front of you and you can’t wait to dig in to find out if you like it or not.

111 by Nico definitely worth a visit or two.

111 by Nico, 111 Cleveden Road, Kelvinside, Glasgow, G12 0JU.

My Spoon Award : Gold Spoon Award, 9/10 (awarded to eateries where the food and service are excellent. Equivalent to 9/10)

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