Purslane Perfection – Review of Purslane, Stockbridge

Purslane, Stockbridge is by far my favourite restaurant in Edinburgh and currently the only restaurant that my partner (a chef) will eat at! So for me, that says ALOT.

Just recently undergone a refurb, this place is small and intimate but not so much that the tables sit on top of each other or that you are overhearing other diners. The atmosphere and the ambience are just perfect; and the staff are super friendly, very welcoming and attend to your every need. It truly is casual fine dining at its best.

As for the food, well thats just outstanding. Paul is a wonderful chef and his passion for cooking and serving up delicious plates of food is evident.

I do love their ethos – they use seasonal ingredients and try to base most of their suppliers in the Stockbridge area thereby helping small business and keeping it in their community.

cauliflower velouteWe started off with Cauliflower Veloute. As a cauliflower lover, this was as close to cauliflower heaven I think I can get. It was intense, silky, smooth – a wonderful cauliflower hit and I could easily have eaten a very large bowl of it.

curried scallops with parsnipNext up was the Roast Breast of Duck for my partner and I had the Curried Scallops with Parsnip Crisps. Both beautiful tasting dishes. My scallops were cooked to perfection slightly caramelised on the outside and soft and melt-in-the-mouth on the inside. The curry puree and the parsnips elevated this dish to the next level. Great flavour combo. I love scallops – indeed my favourite seafood so I will order/eat these are every opportunity I get. Definitely a dish I would order time and time again.

confi pork belly 2Then onto the Pork done two ways. Confit belly pork and pulled pork served with kale. Another melt-in-your mouth dish.

beef woth foie grasBouliabasseFor mains, my partner had the Beef with Foie Gras. I’m told it was sublime; and I had the Bouillabaisse (Pan Fried Sea Bream, Prawns, Scallops, Red Mullet and Monkfish with Steamed Potatoes, Curly Kale and Shellfish Sauce). The sauce was rich in flavour and all the seafood elements delicious. As a great seafood lover, it comes no better than this.

pannacottaAs a small palate cleanser we were served with a rosemary pannacotta and rhubard. This was my second favourite dish. The pannacotta was gorgeous and such an unexpected flavour. I’m not a fan of rhubard, but this was nice. I expected the rhubard to be bitter and chewy but it was soft with a very slight sweet taste. Subtle – just as a palate cleanser should be.

baklava 1Finally onto dessert. I’m surprise we still had room. My partner had the cheese board and I had the Baklava with yoghurt ice-cream. I do prefer my baklava slightly sweeter with more honey, but this was gorgeous too. Lots of nuts complimented with the sour ice-cream. I ate the lot.

petit foursOh and as a wee treat (we were celebrating our Anniversary) we received some beautiful petit-fours. We drank far too much wine and I can only thank Paul and his staff at Purslane for such a wonderful, memorable night.

I love this place. Its local. We will be returning on a regular basis.


My Spoon Award : TartanSpoon


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