PRODUCT : Treat your Dad to whisky this Fathers Day

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, yes its on Sunday 17th June; whisky is perfect for anyone looking to treat their dad to a unique gift. There is a different whisky for every dad.

Here are two very different whiskies from the William Grant and Son portfolio that I have reviewed.

Tullamore DEW – a blended Irish whiskey. Triple-distilled in typical Irish fashion, D.E.W. is a blend of the three styles of Irish whiskey: single pot still, single grain, and single malt. This process transforms the combined spirits into the fourth style of Irish whiskey: blended.

Many describe it as liquid gold. It’s a lovely honey, toffee colour.

On the nose it’s quite malty, and you’ll pick up hints of toffee, dried fruit, citrus and apples.

On the palate you can definitely taste honey, banana, quite earthy notes and a little metal (maybe copper).

It’s not a complex whisky and very much an all rounder; a good introduction to whisk(e)y. For me, this would be a great mixer.

Monkey Shoulder – This is a blended malt Scotch whisky made from three small batches of different Speyside single malts. It’s smooth, sweet and very easy to drink on its own but I think it excels in a cocktail.

On the nose you’ll pick up citrus zest perhaps even marmalade, vanilla and warming notes of cinnamon and nutmeg.

On the palate you will taste vanilla, caramel and light spices.

Another entry level malt and very much near perfect for an Old Fashioned.

Here is a great cocktail using Monkey Shoulder for Fathers Day:

Monkey Shoulder’s Lazy Old Fashioned

Ingredients (makes 14 servings)

  • 700ml Monkey Shoulder
  • 100ml Demerara Syrup (made by dissolving equal parts sugar and water in a pan and leaving to cool)
  • 15ml of Angostura Bitters


  • Empty 100ml of Monkey Shoulder from the bottle (and enjoy over ice)!
  • Replace this with 100 ml of Demerara Syrup.
  • Add 15ml of Angostura Bitters.
  • Mix contents well in bottle.
  • When serving, add ice to a rocks glass, pour over Lazy Old Fashioned and add a twist of an orange peel.
  • Leave remaining liquid in the bottle to be enjoyed at your leisure.







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