PRODUCT REVIEW : Rombouts Coffee

I mostly drink coffee at work, or grab a coffee on my way into work or have a coffee break when needed during my work day. It’s the wake me up, perk me up cuppa that helps kick-start my day and gets me through it.

So when I received this delightful parcel of coffee from Rombouts, delivered to my work, the coffee never had a chase of making it home and myself and my coffee loving colleagues have all enjoyed a coffee or five from the wide range they sent over.

At Rombouts, they are driven by love and tradition. The company started in 1896 by Frans Rombouts, in Antwerp, who decided to rent a roasting cylinder and began roasting coffee himself; and the Rombouts family have been in the coffee business ever since.

What I like most is their fairtrade committment. Rombouts supports the quality of life of Small Producers in many small plantations in Mexico, Guatemala and Congo through long-term contracts, minimum guaranteed prices which avoid uncertainties due to the fluctuation of worldwide prices, pre-financing of harvests and a short sales chain which cuts out the middleman.

They are also committed to sustainable development looking at and questioning things like waste, damage to our ecosystems and innovation.

Aside from their ethos and have to say that I love their coffee. By 9:15am each weekday morning, my colleague and I boil the kettle and made our first cuppa. We always drink ground coffee in the office and choose the Cuba, Medium Roast as our first taste of Rombouts coffee.

The aroma from the Cuba ground coffee is intoxicating and it has a wonderful caramel taste. Just perfect for heading into the colder mornings.

We also tasted the Laos which is a Medium Dark Roast; it’s a beautiful cup of coffee and you can most certainly pick up on hints of chocolate. It’s very smooth, well rounded and easy drinking. I have found myself drinking more coffee over these last few weeks.

Both of these ground coffees are not overly expensive, around 50p more expensive that most shop bought brands but I’d say it was worth it. They retail on Rombouts website for £4 a packet.

Interesting to note that both these are Arabica ground coffees and these beans grow at a high altitude meaning it’s difficult to grow thus you pay slightly more for it. Arabica also contains 44 chromosomes whilst Robusta only half this and Arabica contains less caffeine that Robusta.

Included too in the package was these ingenious one cup filter coffees. It’s the easiest most simplest way of making filter coffee for one and they are cheap too, retailing at £2.99 for 10 (30p a cup).

Inside the packet you’ll find these plastic cups with a little filter at the bottom. Place them on the top of your mug (obviously find a cup that fits), fill it to the mark with boiled water and pop on the white cover. Leave it to work its magic and within a few minutes, the water has trickled down through the filter and prepared you a perfect cuppa.

There are four one cup filter flavours to choose from.

Original – using the finest blends from around the world, Rombouts Original is a fully balanced coffee with a medium body and a rich aroma.

Decaf – The same as the original just minus the caffeine.

Columbian – a medium roasted coffee grown at high altitudes. Colombian coffee is among the best in the world; rich, full-bodied and perfectly balanced.

Italian – the Italian style coffee blend which is rich, smooth chocolately and full-bodied.

You can purchase Rombouts from their website, Amazon and Tesco’s.

I’ve been converted and I am most definitely a Rombouts Coffee fan! I’m away to make a one cup filter Italian Style Coffee.

Rombouts Coffee GB Ltd. Consumer Relations 954 Yeovil Road, Slough Trading Estate, Slough, SL1 4NH. Tel: 0845 604 0188


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