Paris in the Spring

From the inception of TartanSpoon til now, I have been on a few culinary adventures; so looking back on my notes and photos my first few posts will be reminiscing about these foodie adventures.

My most recent mini adventure was to Paris; the foodie capital of the world with many delights to discover from the Artisan Boulanger (bread shop) and Patisserie (bakery), to cheese and wine. I’ve been to Paris many times but none in recent years and non with a foodie hat on!

Before my trip I researched the Top 10 places to eat; the Top 10 places for cheese; the Top 10 most expensive places to eat; the Top 10 sandwich shops etc… you get the idea. The internet is abundant with information on what and where to eat depending on your tastes and budget. I really shouldn’t have bothered. There is a plethora of great shops and restaurants on every corner. Just outside our hotel was a Chinese supermarket selling everything from saki to sushi, fresh octopus to pot noodles; and around the other corner was a brilliant supermarket were we purchased our midnight munchies and freshly baked morning pain au chocolat’s.

Duck terrine, foie gras and a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape
Duck terrine, foie gras and a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape

We arrived into Paris mid evening, and with the sun still shining we headed out for a walk along the Seine and to view the Eiffel Tower (very romantic!). On our way back to the hotel we happened across a wonderful Sushi and Sashimi Restaurant called Fukushima.

It was warm and balmy and we weren’t in the mood for a heavy meal plus the meal deals looked good.

We were warmly greeted by a French Japanese host who showed us to our table. The place was small, but clean with a warm friendly atmosphere. I always think that if you see Asian people eating in an Asian restaurant the place has to be serving good food!

And it didn’t disappoint. The sushi and sashimi were delicious. The salmon and tuna were fresh and thinly sliced served with a thick and thin soy sauce and wasabi. It was evident that a lot of preparation and skill had gone into making these dishes.

Sushi boat

The service was pleasant and efficient. The language barrier wasn’t really that difficult to overcome – lots of smiling, nodding, pointing at pictures/the menu and both parties knew the basics of French and English to place the order.

Overall it was a fabulous mini food adventure and certainly not something I thought I would be eating in Paris.

Up until about a year ago I had never tried sushi. I had always wanted to but the sushi in our supermarkets looked awful and I could never coerce a friend into coming along with me; and going solo didn’t appeal.

Eventually last year Chef (my partner) took me to Yes Sushi! On Hanover Street. I remember it was early evening (530pm) on a week night so easy enough to get seated and quiet enough for the service to be quick and efficient. Within half an hour the place started to fill with Asian students and that’s where the service became non-existent. Most of the tables ordered the hotpots and the floor became riddled with extension cables leading to each table to supply the hotpots.

Our food order got totally muddled and asking for the bill 4 times within 30 minutes, did not make for an overall a good impression. Pity the service let it down because the food was lovely and made me a sushi lover.

That weekend we went out and purchased a sushi making kit – it’s still in the cupboard and I am still on the hunt for a great sushi restaurant in Edinburgh. But nothing so far beats Sushi in Paris in the Spring!




Restaurant Fukushima, Grenelle, Paris : Silver Spoon



Yes Sushi, Edinburgh : Wooden Spoon



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