NEWS : Distinguished Father’s Day whisky for a Dignified Dad

If your dad is a dignified chap, then The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) has the perfect gift for him this Father’s Day (Sunday 17th June 2018), with a special offer of membership to the SMWS including a limited edition single malt ‘For a dignified dad’ for only £130.

This 20-year-old Speyside whisky has matured in a refill ex-bourbon barrel to produce a single cask whisky that has been described as “characteristically waxy, oily, herbal and delicately tropical.”

Taste wise it’s characteristically waxy, oily, herbal and delicately tropical as befits the slightly more old-school make of this distillery.

This old-school and dignified character exudes aromas of hours spent in concentrated industry out in the garden or in the shed, emerging with the smell of soil from potting plants, damp dunnage warehouses, as well as furniture wax, notes of camphor and wood resin. After strolling past gorse bushes, crossing a pine forest and picking brambles, it’s time to wash up with coal tar soap and relax with a little aged yellow Chartreuse, mint tea or Gewurztraminer. Age brings distinction and the opportunity to wax lyrical, and deserves a respectful audience.

FATHER’S DAY OFFER : ‘For a dignified dad’ and a membership to the Society costs only £130 which is a saving of £25. The whisky is from the Old & Dignified flavour category, which is one of the SMWS 12 flavour profiles.

Membership unlocks the doors to the Society’s unparalleled single cask whiskies, tasting events, the award-winning ‘Unfiltered’ magazine and Members Rooms and partners bars around the world.

New whiskies are released each month, providing an ever-changing choice of malts to discover.

Father’s Day offer valid from Friday 1st June until Monday 18th June 2018. Find out more at

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