NEWS : The Sexy Fish Bar Comes to Edinburgh, for One Night Only

Cocktail extravaganza Tales on Tour returns to Edinburgh this month, with a number of exciting pop-ups taking place at some of Edinburgh’s best bars between Saturday, 7 April and Tuesday, 10 April.

Taking over The Devil’s Advocate from 6pm to midnight on Tuesday, 10 April, is one of the most talked about bars in the UK – Sexy Fish – for what should be a fitting farewell to Tales on Tour 2018.

Sexy Fish is a glamorous destination bar with  Asian-inspired cuisine and cutting-edge décor situated in Mayfair’s Berkeley Square. The Coral Reef Room is a talking point which includes  esmeralda onyx marble; polished nickel for the wall lights and bar lamps; coral inspired fabric panels designed by Michael Roberts; glazed lava stone for the bars; raspberry leather custom-made furniture. And the list goes on. Damien Hirst was commissioned to create a pair of bronze mermaids and a relief panel – both rendered in blue patina.

Frank Gehry’s fish lamps swim lazily above the bar. His 13ft crocodile menaces customers on the high banquette tables. Italian architect, Carlo Scarpa was the influence for the staircase leading to the Coral Reef Room. And there lies a sight to behold: two giant fish tanks housing shoals upon shoals of tropical fish and a glorious collection of live coral, weaving back and forth in the gentle currents created for the tanks.

An energetic, sociable and talented bar team shakes an extraordinary number of diverse cocktails throughout lunch and dinner services, seven days a week.

On Tuesday prepare yourself for cracking evening of cocktails, as five of Sexy Fish’s superstar bar team descend on Advocate’s Close, mixing cocktails from the bar’s brand new menu, which launched last month with similarly sensational pop ups at MACE bar in New York City, and 28 HongKong Street in Singapore. Expect plenty of craic, delicious drinks and lots of flowery shirts!

The cocktails served on the evening are :

NEONACH (shown above) – Hendrick’s Gin, Salmon, Basil & Fennel cordial, Chili oil

KISS ME – Glenfiddich 15yo, Banana & Raspberry Shrub, citrus, coconut, Chocolate bitters, miraculous Foamer

STONE AGE MARTINI – Reyka Vodka, Caraway seeds and Lemongrass distillate

POP CORN OLD FASHIONED – Popcorn Infused Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Sugar, Bitters

COLLINS – Hendrick’s Gin, Butternut Squash, Pineapple, Dill, Coriander, Soda, Gruyère

If some of their current cocktails set the standard, your eyes and taste buds will be in for a treat.

Here are some of their cocktails that they serve at Sexy Fish

Diamonds for Justice – Osmanthus flower distillate, Ontario ice wine tea,
Champagne and kaffir lime leaf cordial.

Golden Riviera – Chipotle-infused Don Julio blanco tequila, citrus sherbet,
oregano, camomile, peach, lavender, rosemary, Champagne

Monolith – Ron Zacapa 23 rum, thyme, camomile, balsamic, rosemary, lavender

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