Seafood Week Day 5 – Sensational Scallops

If you read my blog and are a TartanSpoon fan you know that I LOVE SCALLOPS! It’s my go to dish and whenever I see a yummy menu with different dishes on it, and I say to myself – I’m not going to have the same dish again- what do I do? yep, order the scallops again!

Scallops are available pretty much year round and some of the best scallops come from West of Kintyre, North West, Shetland, North East and on the East coast of Scotland. Scallops thrive in our Scottish icy waters resulting in big, juicy, succulent, sweet white flesh and silky, apricot-hued scallop roe.

Fresh scallops have a creamy, sometimes fawn colour, and if unprocessed in any way are sold as ‘dry’ scallops; if they are very white they have been treated with phosphates to keep them plump and fresh and are known as ‘wet’ scallops but the flavour and texture are affected minimally. The less they smell the fresher they are but a faint sweetish aroma is common.

The best way to cook scallops is to pan fry them on a medium heat. Don’t pair them with anything to over powering; scallops like it simple.

Here is an easy recipe for my favourite scallop dish – Scallops with black pudding and pea puree

My favourite restaurant in Edinburgh for scallops – Kilted Lobster.


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