NEWS Seafood Week, Day 6 – Loving Langoustines

Langoustines are known as Dublin Bay prawns and even Norway lobster – it’s a smaller version of a lobster but a meatier version of a prawn. The best of both really!

It has a sweet white succulent flesh with a fresh and sweet after taste.

We love langoustines in Scotland and they grow abundantly around out coasts in the sea lochs and open water with over a third of the world’s langoustines are caught here in Scotland.

Langoustines are in season from September to May. To check for freshness, look at the eyes, they should be shiny and jet black with a fresh smell of the sea and quick, lively movements. The legs and antennae shouldn’t be damaged, and the shells shouldn’t be marked.

Cooking langoustines shouldn’t take long – under 5 minutes, but one of the best ways to cook them is to simply boil them and peel them at the table. Try this recipe for Langoustines with wild garlic butter

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