Tartan Spoons

Tartan Spoon Awards – awarded to eateries were their food and service are exceptional and outstanding. Equivalent to 10/10

  1. Roux at the Landau, London
  2. Fera at Claridges, London
  3. Purslane, Edinburgh – Read my review here
  4. Kilted Lobster, Edinburgh – Read my review here
  5. Chez Mal Brasserie, Malmaison Hotel, Leith – Read my review hereĀ 
  6. The Pompadour, The Waldorf Astoria, The Caledonian, Edinburgh – Read my review hereĀ 
  7. Epicurean, G&V Hotel, Edinburgh – Read my review here
  8. Mimis Bakehouse, Leith – Read my review here
  9. The Dhabba, Glasgow – Read my review here
  10. Wagamama, Lothian Road, Edinburgh – Read my review here


  1. Geranium, Copenhagen – Read my review here




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