Spoon Awards

Each mini food adventure will be awarded with a Spoon Award. Anything lower than what I think would be 5/10, I wont write about.

You’ll find a mixed bag of places that I have reviewed in here from take-aways to cafes, bistros, bar, restaurants and fine dining restaurants. I will award a Spoon in accordance to their menu, location ¬†and target audience. All views are my own about my experience.

TARTANSPOON – Equivalent to 10/10. The food and service are exceptional & outstanding.

GOLD SPOON – Equivalent to 9/10. The food and service are excellent.

SILVER SPOON – Equivalent to 8/10. The food and service are very good.

BRONZE SPOON – Equivalent to 7/10. The food and service are good.

WOODEN SPOON – Equivalent to 6/10. The food and service are okay; but there is room for improvement.





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