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It was a Friday. The end of a long week and I wanted something warm, satisfying, savoury and probably something calorie heavy for my lunch. Soup from Union of Genius? – nah too hearty. Louisiana Po’Boy Sandwich from Checkpoint? – nah just wasn’t in the mood. Then it dawned on me; lets head over to Meltmongers for a ¬†gooey, cheese overload!

Walking through Bruntsfield on a warm sunshine-y day, wandering past the quirky gift shops; The Chocolate Tree that’s always packed with people eating and drinking chocolate; Tribeca that I’ve heard serve up really good Burgers and then a little further down opposite the Meadows/Bruntsfield Links, you find cheese heaven, Meltmongers.


I was expecting to brave hoards of people but alas it was an oasis of calm. As I approached there were a few people leaving with brown paper bags (I could smell the melted cheese sandwiches inside!) and all bar one table was taken (there are only 5-6 tables in here).

sandwich close up

The menu is displayed on the wall but there are also menus on the tables. I read through the mountains of cheesy combinations that can be ordered and settled on the good ol fashioned straight up Meltmonger Classic which is mature cheddar with classic American cheese; with side of crispy skin on fries.

sandwich and chips

It arrived, served in brown recyclable shallow serving trays. It looked so good. A gooey toasted cheese sandwich, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and lovely crispy fries (or chips as I call them). The sandwich was grilled on the outside, the bread lightly toasted. You could smell and see the melted butter crust. The bread inside of the sandwich was still soft, light and hot but not squished (my technical term). The cheese was just oooooo. It was runny, stringy, goo-ey and just downright cheesy. Cheese Heaven!


The fries (chips) were delicious. Super crispy whilst light and fluffy on the inside. There was lots of little bits of chips (scraps) at the bottom of the tray; those gnarly wee bits that just finish it off. Yum!


I sat and watched the world go whilst tucking into my toasted cheese sandwich. Ideally the next time, I’ll be buying this toastie and heading over to the Meadows to get my cheese on in the sunshine!

My Spoon Award : Silver








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