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It’s been a very busy week optimising my social media and working through my TartanSpoon Facebook page and Twitter pages. Piniterest and Instagram are next on the agenda; so many ways to follow TartanSpoon. My weekends are now all about followers, analytics, tweets and pinboards! Who would have thought.

My blogsite also has loads more information regarding what’s in season in Scotland, what Foodie Festivities are around the corner and my travel log. Have a wee look about

Inbetween all this social networking, I’ve had to eat! Really not a chore.

Midweek I headed out to Boozy Cow on Frederick Street, Edinburgh. This was my third attempt at going and I was a little disappointed. The barman was a wee tad rude when asked where the Ladies were. His reply “there are signs on the wall!” tut-tut. (maybe he was having a bad hair day – who knows!). Our waitress made up for it – super friendly and super-efficient.

The burger arrived. It was a good burger. Not a great burger. Not a burger I’d go back for. It’s a pity as I quite like the vibe here. I will return to try out their boozy milkshakes as these do look amazing!

boozy cow dinner
Boozy Cow Cheeseburger, fries and coleslaw – a little bland


Next on my culinary adventures in Edinburgh, was Ting Thai Caravan #tingthaicaravan.  tingthaicaravan3

The sun was shining and we managed to get a seat at the window. Lunchtime at Ting Thai Caravan is busy! But the food is worth it. It was delicious. Food that made its way to our table was

  • Khoa Mun Gai Tod – shallow fried chicken with ginger, garlic, grated coconut, cucumber & shallot salad and jasmine rice
  • Pad Thai Goong/Gal/Mua/Pak – flat noodles with chicken, veg, peanuts, egg, nam pia, palm sugar, tamarind, bean sprouts and chilli
  • Pop Chicken – battered chicken skewers served with a mango and chilli salsa.

You get a lot of food for your money. It comes served in boxes so you can take away if you don’t manage to finish it.

A must go, must return place for lunch and dinner. tingthaicaravan1 tingthaicaravan2

I was so looking forward to Saturday morning and heading out in the glorious sunshine to one of Midlothians hidden gems – The Secret Herb Garden! Needless to say it was absolutely chucking it with rain so I ended at Treacle on Broughton Street.

treacle pot of tea

Treacle was on my visit Wishlist and now a firm favourite of mine. Staff are friendly and happy, décor is lovely; it’s comfortable.

treacle decor

Subconsciously I must be on a mission to find the Best French Toast in Edinburgh as it’s the third time I’ve ordered it in the last few weeks. I just cant seem to resist, even when there are more delicious tempting breakie feasts.

French Toast with Bacon and Syrup at Treacle
French Toast with Bacon and Syrup at Treacle


My top 3 French Toast breakfasts in Edinburgh:

  1. Mimi’s Bakehouse, Leith
  2. Urban Angel, Hanover Street
  3. Treacle, Broughton Street

At the moment, in my wonderful world of tastebuds, no-one can claim the crown from Mimi’s; but I’m up for the challenge. Seemingly the Roseleaf, Leith do an awesome Frech Toast breakie, so that’s where you’ll find me this Saturday. (In August if you see someone looking like a large piece of French Toast with a side of bacon and covered in syrup, it’s probably me and not a Fringe Act!)

French Toast with Bacon & Syrup at Mimi’s Bakehouse. My current No.1 spot


This week the plans are to visit the Roseleaf (and not for the pot-tails), make at least one recipe I’ve found and liked; and to reach 100 followers on Facebook.

Thanks for reading, following, tweeting and posting as well as pinning, instragramming, tumbling, emailing; and any other –ing you can come up with.



Boozy Cow, Frederick Street, Edinburgh – Wooden Spoon



Ting Thai Caravan, Teviot Place, Edinburgh – Silver Spoon

Treacle, Broughton Street, Edinburgh – Silver Spoon

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