Marvellous Magnum – Review of Magnum Restaurant & Bar

I like Magnum Restaurant and Bar. It’s a fairy light twinkling gem beckoning you from Queens Street straight down the hill to One Albany Street.

tableI like the division between the bar and the restaurant; although you can sit in either section to eat. The bar isn’t loud and has a very welcoming feel to it. The restaurant (just to the right as you enter), is cosier and more inviting – definitely somewhere you want to sit and eat, catch up and enjoy a glass of wine or a whisky.

The staff are wonderful. Very friendly, helpful, cheery, polite and they smile! A big plus in my book. And the food is pretty wonderful too.

I headed to the Magnum with a friend for a good girlie catch-up.

cullen skinkFor starters :
Cullen Skink with a cheese bloomer. On the menu it promised to be creamy with delicate flakes of smoked haddock and chunky potatoes. It delivered. I’m not a fan of Cullen Skink but my guest said it was rather delicious and very filling.

haggisI opted for the Haggis Spring Roll with Hickory relish and a crisp salad – what’s not to love?!  The really crispy springroll was stuffed full with haggis which was slightly peppery (perfect). I didn’t care too much for the hickory relish but the salad provided a nice accompaniment to the springroll. I’d go back for this time and again.

fishFor Mains :
Good ol Fish n Chips for my guest (she is a pescatarian). The chips were chunky and along with the sweet lemon and gherkin aioli, were a perfect taste match. The fish was nice.

chicken 2I had the Chicken Supreme which for me was the star of the night. The chicken was soft and succulent, the wild mushrooms, bacon and peas – a classic combination, was executed well; and the parsnip dauphinoise was delicious.

There was absolutely no room left for desserts but from the gorgeous meals that were delivered to our table I have no doubt they would have been a delight. I would have chosen the Madagascan Vanilla Cream with poached winter fruits, mulled wine syrup & cranberry biscotti – sound great, right?!

This was my second visit to Magnum Restaurant and Bar, and after a shaky start I have to say that my second visit was truly lovely.

Thank you Magnum for the invite. You have a special place here – great staff, great food.

I will be back.


My Spoon Award : Silver Spoon




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