Ooft! Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

Ooft! Sauce, Tony Johnston, The Shieling , Nether Huntlywood, Earlston 

Email : sales@ooftsauce.com

Tel : 01573 410522

Website : www.ooftsauce.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/oofthotsauce/

Twitter : @ooftsauce

Ooft! is the only hot sauce maker in the UK where they age their sauces like fine wine. They produce only small batches each year and everything is hand crafted using artisan methods. There is no additives or preservatives and they believe that time takes care of everything.

They use prime Caribbean scotch bonnets and certified Mexican Chipotle and carefully check, clean and hand chop each one before laying them out for 1-3 years to mature. The aging process allows the flavours to meld over time without any additives. Their sauces have won several awards for taste and quality.

They began the business in 2013 but because of the ageing process they didn’t start selling until 2014. They loved hot sauce but it had not occurred to them that anyone in Scotland did; so when they attended their first few farmers markets they were astonished that so many people tasted and loved Ooft! Their first production was approx 12 cases and they sold out.

Tony and his wife make Ooft! by hand in their tiny Scottish hamlet of Huntlywood, near Gordon in the Borders. They use a family hot sauce recipe from Trinidad. 4 years ago they decided to share this and make a product; and we are glad they did.

You can find Ooft! in deli’s, craft food shops and on their website, www.ooftsauce.com  and now on Amazon. In Edinburgh for example Herbies Deli in Stockbridge and Cranachan and Crowdie on the Royal Mile are both long time supporters. In Glasgow Roots and Fruits and Dandy’s Deli as well as Whole Foods Market carry the sauces.


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