Peelham Farm Meats

Peelham Farm, Foulden, Berwickshire, Scotland TD15 1UG.
Tel 01890 781328

Peelham Farm are located on a 680 ac organic, family-run farm close to the Berwickshire Coast in the Scottish Borders with exquisite panoramic views of the Tweed Valley, Cheviot Hills, Lammermuirs and the North Sea.

A business is headed by Chris and Denise Walton, their son Angus and his wife Helen as well as Amanda Cayley (partially retired).

They all contribute to an energy; a creative vision for farming; loving and trusting Peelham with compassion and care for the land, its livestock, its customers and its team. In practice there is overlap between the farm and the butchery with the partners sharing jobs and challenges and solutions.

In its organic on-farm butchery, smoker and charcuterie facility. The Peelham Family produces all the meat from its own livestock (grass reared beef, grass reared veal (ruby veal), lamb and mutton; free range pork) for its meat cuts and joints, and to make its organic charcuterie, salamis, sausages, burgers, bacon and hams which it supplies direct to you the consumer.
Committed to organic farming and food production principles, Peelham readily accept the need to have two of the most rigorous annual audits to which farming and food businesses are subject to in the UK, by the UK approved organic certification body the Soil Association; one for the farm and another for their on-farm butchery unit.

This in turn provides you the customer with confidence that every part of their farming and food business (ie one complete food chain) complies with the highest standards of animal welfare, soil management, environmental sustainability, environmental health, food quality and traceability.

Their meat is good, clean and fair:

  • It is GOOD because their free-range farming (grass reared cattle and sheep, free-range pigs), allows their animals to follow their natural foraging and grazing characteristics.
  • It is CLEAN because it is an extensive grass-based system which has both landscape and biodiversity benefits and a light carbon-foot print.
  • It is FAIR because it is slow and their young livestock are growing and maturing naturally as part of a naturally grass-grazing and foraging herd.
  • Their cattle, sheep and rare-breed pigs are home-reared
  • Their livestock are free-range and able to follow their natural behavior
  • Free from GMOs
  • Free from growth-promoters
  • Free from antibiotic supplemented feed
  • Grass-fed cattle and sheep
  • Naturally foraging and free-ranging pigs
  • Slow to grow
  • Slow to mature
  • They care for and respect their animals
  • They enjoy and benefit from their contact with them
  • They love their animals
  • They love their meat

Peelham Farm produce some of the best meat products in Scotland including organic beef, free-range pork, lamb, mutton and veal as well as organic and gluten free sausages and burgers. They also have a wonderful selection of charcuterie which includes air dried prosciutto ham, organic droewors and lamb and cumin seed salami.

Catch Peelham Farm at Farmers Markets or order online at



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