Salt Pig Sea Salts

Salt Pig Sea Salts, Seawinds Cottage, Skateraw, Innerwick, Dunbar, EH42 1QR
Tel : 07535 835438

Salt Pig Sea Salts, is a micro business which came about because of Jim’s love of cooking. When looking for an alternative to Table Salt he found that most Sea Salt mixes where either not a good Salt to Herb ratio or the Salts where too coarse so he set about finding a finer Sea Salt that was not too coarse and was kind to grinders.

The result was Salt Pig Sea Satls. Almost perfect blends of a small grained  Coarse Sea Salt & quality Herbs.

His natural salt blends include :

Sea Salt & Basil
Sea Salt & Garlic
Sea Salt & Chilli
Sea Salt & Rosemary
Sea Salt & 4 Herbs
Sea Salt & 5 Herbs
Sea Salt & Tomato, Basil, Garlic
Natural Sea Salt Fine
Natural Sea Salt Coarse
Himalayan Pink Salt

AND rubs include:

Steak Rub No Salt
Chicken Seasoning No Salt
Lamb Seasoning No Salt
No1 Blend with Touch o` Salt.

Jim is based in East Lothian but you will always find him out and about at a large variety of foodie events and farmers markets, or you can purchase his Salt Pig Seasalts from a long list of stockists:

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