Dukkah Delights

Cumbernauld. Phone: 07496905520 or email: customerservices@dukkahdelights.co.uk



Dukkah Delights are a small business producing original Egyptian dukkah.

Dukkah is a condiment consisting of delicious nuts, seeds and spices.  The word dukkah comes from the Arabic for “to pound” because the ingredients are pounded to the perfect texture that is neither a paste or a powder.  Traditionally this condiment is served with bread and oil, dip the bread in the oil and then the dukkah and devour! But it is so versatile, as well as a dip you can also use it as a marinade simply by adding oil or yoghurt, a dry rub for any meat or fish or simply as a sprinkle on top of any of your favourite dishes to give it a crunchy dukkah kick.

All their dukkah’s are blended by hand in their own kitchen using high quality ingredients. They only produce in small batches, roasting every ingredient individually, so they can ensure when you buy their dukkah it is of the best quality for you to enjoy. And it is also Gluten Free.

I sampled Dukkah a few months back and it goes with everything. I started off using it as a rub on ribs and steaks but have added it to yoghurts and dips as they have suggested and my supply is now running low.

There are 4 dukkah blends available:

Sweet Dukkah – has been blended to compliment all your sweet favourites.  As well as the almonds and hazelnuts it is also loaded with pistachio’s.  It is then blended with sweet spices like cinnamon and clove then finished off with beautiful golden roasted sesame seeds, this blend has an amazing aroma and flavour.

Serve with fresh fruit as a dip, mix into all your baking like through your crumble mix or in baked apples, the smell from your oven will be devine! Simply sprinkle over ice cream, yoghurts, cheesecake or anything sweet to give it a crunchy cinnamon kick.

Hot Dukkah – for everyone who likes spicier dishes.  Almonds and hazelnuts are roasted and blended with spices such as cumin and coriander but is then spiced up with hot paprika and chilli flakes, finally blended with lovely golden roasted sesame seeds this blend is definitely for the elite of dukkah lovers.

Perfect to serve as a dip along with bread and oil.  Mix it with oil or natural yoghurt for a tasty marinade or use it as a dry rub.  Simply srinkle over all your favourite savory dishes to add a touch of spice and crunch.  It is also a perfect gluten free substitute for breadcrumbs.

Traditional Dukkah – is a beautiful mix of almonds and hazelnuts that are roasted then blended with toasted sesame seeds and mild spices including corriander and cumin. Perfect to serve as a dip with oil and bread. Mix it with oil or yoghurt for a marinade or use as a dry rub. Sprinkle over all your favourite savory dishes to add a touch of spice and crunch. It is also a perfect gluten free substitute for breadcrumbs. This dukkah is very high in protein, delicious and nutritious, its a versatile store cupboard product.

Citrus Dukkah – is a beautiful blend of our traditional dukkah with delicate lemon flavours. Packed full of hand roasted almonds and hazelnuts then finished off with toasted sesame seeds this dukkah is very high in protein, delicious and nutritious, it is a must have store cupboard product. Serve with bread and oil as a dip, mix with oil or yoghurt for a marinade or sprinkle over your favourite dishes. This dukkah will give a delightful lemon zing to any fish, meat or vegetables.

You can purchase Dukkah from several farmers markets where Alison is attending or purchase online from their website www.dukkahdelights.co.uk


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