East Coast Cured Charcuterie

East Coast Cured, 3 Restalrig Road, Leith                                                                                             Email : susie@eastcoastcured.com www.eastcoastcured.com




At East Coast Cured they use the highest quality, locally reared produce to create a range of delicious meats for the kitchen and the plate. Their curing cellar is specially adapted to create the perfect conditions to slow cure their salamis and whole cuts to perfection.

Their salami which looks amazing, is made using lean cuts from the leg and shoulder of the pig. The meat is ground and combined with finely diced back fat, selected for its smooth creamy texture and purity. Whole spices are toasted, cracked and ground immediately prior to use. Fresh garlic, a splash of wine and just the right amount of curing salts go in before the natural skins are hand stuffed, tied and hung to mature.

East Coast Cured is a family charcuterie business based in Leith, Edinburgh, owned by Susie and Steven Anderson. Steven has ten years experience in the food and drink production industry as a brewer and distiller; and now they specialise in the production of traditional, and contemporary, slow cured Scottish meats. They believe passionately that the true craft of curing means taking produce of the highest quality and with skill, patience and time, creating something truly exceptional for your plate. They’re always developing exciting new recipes and seasonal specials using the best locally reared, high welfare produce.

It all started a month after a casual conversation about the lack of quality local charcuterie products in Scotland. Steven had built an environmentally controlled ‘curing chamber’ in the eaves of their family home and after two years of researching, tasting and developing they started production at their premises in Leith in January 2017, and started trading in March 2017. Their retail outlet is due to open in August 2017.

Their products are available in a selection of Edinburgh Restaurants and bars:

And you can also but their products at Puddledub Farm’s butchers shop on Kirkcaldy High Street.

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