Bon Accord

Bon Accord Soft Drinks : Cloudy Lemonade, Sparkling Rhubarb, Ginger Beer, Tonic Water

They have three refreshing soft drinks in their range, which can also be tasty mixers that pack a punch. Their soft drinks are sweetened 100% naturally using honey, coconut nectar and lots of delicious fruit juice.

Elevate your favourite gin with top-drawer tonic, sip their refreshing cloudy lemonade on a sunny terrace with brunch, and make girls night super special with their rhubarb in your chilled Prosecco.

Bon Accord has quite a heritage having been founded in Arbroath in 1909 by the Robb family. Originally sold under the name Robb Brothers, then Bon Accord, the iconic crates of glass bottles were delivered to households across Scotland for generations.

Founded in the early 1900’s by Thomas and David Robb, then expanded by Thomas’s four sons, Bon Accord has always been a family business with strong Scottish roots. With factories in Aberdeen and Arbroath, depots in Inverness and the Central Belt, and a fleet of iconic lorries, Bon Accord delivered soft drinks and cordials to communities all over Scotland. Our famous glass bottles, which were collected and recycled by our lorries, were a familiar sight in homes and on street doorsteps for generations.

They’re proud to say that for over 100 years Bon Accord found a place in the hearts of the nation before they closed their operations in 2000. Back after 16 years they’re still a family business, but times have changed and with a new generation at the helm they’ve got a new approach to pop.

1 June 2016, they started it to gives the masses a delicious naturally sweetened soft drink.

You can buy their excellent range of drinks from a number of independent local shops, bars, restaurants and cafes located throughout Scotland. To find a stockist:

Cases can also be purchased online from Drinkly, Vino and Crafty Connoisseur.

On sunny days off (which are very rare), they like to hang out in the garden lounging in their Bon Accord deck chairs, enjoying an ice-cold cloudy lemonade!

Bon Accord Soft Drinks, Karen Knowles & Nathan Burrough                                                           6 St. Colme Street Edinburgh. Email :


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