Clootie McToot Traditional Dumplings

Clootie McToots Traditional Dumplings, 59 Main Street, Abernethy                                               Email : Tel : 07854501884

Clootie McToot for all your Traditional Clootie Dumplings needs.

Michelle Maddox is the lady behind Clootie McToots and is based in Abernethy on the Perthshire/Fife border. She has gained a number of catering qualifications over the years and achieved a degree with distinction in Food, Health and Welfare.

Michells’s inspiration for cooking started with her first work placement on the BBC Food and Drink Show in 2001. Moving from a small village in Scotland to Central London and working with celebrities was an experience she would never forget. Her career took her in another direction and her love of traditional Scottish cooking soon became a hobby.

However in 2015 her son asked her if she would bake and have a stall at his local school fete. He was keen to be behind a market stall selling goods. Michelle agreed, and they decided to make Clootie dumplings using Michelle’s traditional family recipe. The aroma of sugar and spice and the laughter from her children brought back many fond memories of her childhood; and she was soon hooked again. Her love of traditional Scottish cooking was ignited and a business was born.

Clootie McToot’s Clootie Dumplings are boiled not steamed and come with a modern twist (should you want one!)

  • Rhubarb and Ginger
  • Whisky and Orchard fruit
  • Apple, Pear and Cinnamon
  • Damson plum and Gin
  • Chocolate, Orange and Baileys
  • Strawberry and Prossecco
  • Traditional (vegan, gluten and dairy free)

All the Clootie Dumplings are made fresh to order and are vacuum packed for long life and freshness.

To order your Clootie Dumplings visit the website or there are a few outlets in Perth where you can purchase them from.


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