Welcome the Gindigo at Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo on York Place asked me to pop by and try out some of their latest gin based cocktails.

Conor Hamilton, the hotel’s resident mixologist believes the surge in Gin cocktails is just starting and we’ve moved into a Gin Renaissance. With 70% of the UK’s Gin supply coming from Scotland, there is no denying the massive boom in popularity surrounding this versatile spirit.

The bar and lounge at Hotel Indigo York Place are cosy. Situated just off the reception, the bar area will comfortably seat approx. 25 people in a mix of sofas, chairs and bar stools. The bar itself is beautiful and expertly lit from underneath. I was surprised to learn that the bar and restaurant are open to non-residents too, you can just drop in for a drink and seemingly their breakfasts are immense!

We sampled 3 cocktails including the Gindigo!

First up was Conor’s take and twist on a Classic G&T. Hendricks Gin, Elderflower liqueur, Salt and Pepper, cucumber and slimline tonic. The cocktail is shaken not muddled! The salt and pepper are the magic ingredients here and work so well with the gin and cucumber. Very very refreshing. 

Second cocktail was the Monkey Gland. Blood red with scored orange peel. It certainly has the wow factor in both taste and sight.

To start the cocktail glass is coated with absinthe then Bombay Sapphire Gin is added along with orange juice and grenadine.

Lastly, and the reason for my visit, the Gindigo (proudly named by a visiting American guest!). The Gindigo is a beautiful concoction of Edinburgh Gin, white peach puree, Elderflower liqueur, lemon, sugar and ice, all shaken vigorously then poured into the glass, topped up with tonic.

Creme de Mure is added which sinks to the bottom and its is finished off with Scottish brambles. This a very more-ish cocktail with the peach puree adding just the right amount of sweetness. 

Hotel Indigo is perfectly located on great transport routes (the tram and bus stops are right outside their front door!) and an ideal pit stop or overnight stay when taking in some theatre shows at the Play House, taking in a Fringe show or luxury shopping around the corner in Multree Walk. 

Hotel Indigo York Place, are giving away a FREE celebratory “Gindigo” cocktails on arrival with every Junior Suite booked in June. Room rates from £199 OR you can pop in and try one!

Hotel Indigo, York Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3JD                                                                                   Tel : 0131 556 5577 www.hiedinburgh.co.uk



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