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It’s January. It’s that time of year when we make loads of promises to ourselves to get healthier and fitter; to stop indulging in all things food and drink, trying to cut back and generally be good.

We’ve already passed the most miserable day of the year (Blue Monday) and we’ve passed the day when we give up our best intentions and break those New Year resolutions; but it is still January and that means another 2-3 weeks of the post Christmas detox. Completing Dry January is far easier said than done but with the help from Fentimans Premium soft drinks you can smash Dry January!

There are a few reasons for doing Dry January but I think the biggest benefits are : you start to sleep better, your skin improves and you start to loose weight plus you might end up with a few more pennies in your pocket too!

With Fentimans not only do they have some fabulous flavoured soft drinks but you can also make some gorgeous mocktails using them so you don’t feel like you are missing out; and their soft drinks are brewed using only the best botanicals¬†(mostly flowers, roots and fruits) such as ginger from China, Rose Oil from Bulgaria and lemons from Spain. Below are 4 of my favourites.

As I mentioned the Ginger Beer was one of my favourites. The ginger is brought in from China and is crushed before the intense spicy flavour is extracted. You can really taste this as the drink is quite fiery. I enjoyed this with a homemade Thai curry and lots of lime. A perfect match.

The Rose Lemonade comes in both the 275ml and the new look 125ml clear bottles. The wee 125ml bottles used to be green bottles but now they look part of the ‘family’ of different sizes. The 125ml mixers can also be drank on their own too!

I love anything with rose flavouring and I could see myself sipping this on a hot beach whilst eating a box of turkish delights. It has a lovely intense rose aroma that you pick up on the palate too.

‘Fentimans source their rose oil from Kazanlak in Bulgaria, known locally as the Valley of the Roses and famed for producing the highest quality rose oil. Harvesting of the rose petals happens in a narrow window of time, occurring just once a year. The rose petals must be picked by hand at sunrise when they are at their most fragrant, with the oil extracted within hours of picking. The result is a delicate and distinctive rose flavour.’ Told you it was quite exotic.

The Cola tastes like the cola cube sweets you get. It’s got a really lovely vintage feel and taste about it. Served ice cold in a tall glass with lots of ice – it gives a very well know Cola brand a run for it’s money.

The Ginger Ale is a classic flavour and as it says, an ideal mixer with whisky or spiced rum but it’s January guys so here is a mocktail instead – The BlackBerry Ginger!

INGREDIENTS : 5 blackberries, some lemon thinly sliced, ice cubes, 150ml of ginger ale, 1 teaspoon of honey.

METHOD : Add the blackberries and lemon slices in a cup and add the ice cubes. Slowly, pour in the ginger ale and add a teaspoon of honey. Give it a quick stir and serve. Crush the blackberries before drinking.

There are so many lovely flavours to choose from and they are stocked in some of the best restaurants, bars, deli’s an supermarkets in and around Edinburgh, Scotland and the UK.

I’m off to find myself some Dandelion and Burdock!

Thank you to Fentimans Ltd for sending me out the hamper of soft drinks to sample.


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