Dishoom Opening Night

GUEST BLOG POST FROM Ryan Buchanan, Photographer

“Dishoom” – If, like me, you were wondering what it means, I am told that it’s the Indian word used in Bollywood films to represent the sound made when a bullet flies through the air, or someone lands a punch…but now Dishoom is the name of the newest Indian restaurant to hit Edinburgh.

Dishoom was founded by cousins Shamil and Kavi Thakrar, along with Adarsh Radia and his brother Amar. After a trip to Mumbai, they were inspired to design their new restaurants based on the Irani Cafes of Bombay (now Mumbai). Dishoom is a perfect blend of styles, shapes and colours – easy on the eye and rich in detail that not only looks fantastic but also has real purpose.

The Edinburgh restaurant in St Andrew Square is spread over 3 floors. An open plan kitchen on the ground floor.

The dining room and café on the first floor.

And an inviting bar (The Permit Room) in the basement.

The furniture throughout is rich natural wooden, with brass fittings and intriguing family portraits scattered throughout. The flowing smells of incense turn subtly to the aroma of spices as you head upstairs to the dining room, which is the perfect setting to spend a good few hours eating, drinking and above all relaxing.

The launch evening started with a tipple in the permit room – the friendly staff were instantly welcoming and took no time in demonstrating their knowledge of food and drink. This was a chance to sample some lovely, and potent, speciality drinks – you must try these….

The East India Gimlet- a classic, the Gimlet was originally devised for sailors to help them evade scurvy. This one shakes Portobello Road gin with Rose’s lime and a touch of celery bitters.

The Tehmul’s Tangle is a cinnamon-tinted mix of Hayman’s sloe gin, fresh lemon juice and ginger.

Mulled Bramble is an unusual mix of a mulled wine reduction, Old Tom gin, syrup and lemon, dusted with festive sugar-spices.

For a rum based drink try the Horniman’s Old-Fashioned, taking smoked oak barrel aged best rum and marrying it with pineapple syrup and bitter.

The main dishes in Dishoom also come as smaller servings for sharing – for the launch, we were served the Dishoom calamari and the prawn Koliwada – the food in Dishoom is rich and bursting with flavours and instantly makes you want to eat more.

Having previously sampled some of the other main courses I can vouch for the delights that Dishoom can offer – this is not your standard Indian restaurant menu – the food is prepared and presented as fine dining, and it ticks all the boxes in terms of taste and presentation. The food, coupled with the fantastic drinks menu and the atmosphere throughout the restaurant means that if you love Indian food and want to expand your experience, Dishoom should be right at the top of your list of must try venues.

Sadly, the launch night was not a full menu and the people I spoke with could not wait to return and do the full experience. The food in Dishoom is easy to sum up – it is simply stunning – a review of the small selection we had at the launch wouldn’t do it justice. Full Review of Food:

Dishoom is proving to be a real hit and is already extremely popular – and when you visit and experience it, you will realise why.

More images from Dishoom are available here Dishoom or to view Ryan Buchanan’s gallery of work, visit his web page


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