Cosmopolitan Cocktail Cupcakes – Review of Eat Me Ltd

It felt like a covert spy operation, arranging a meeting place, drop-off point, giving each other an identification “I’ll have a red rose in my lapel” point of reference.

We arranged it for early one morning (ok 8.15am but that’s early for me!) and we’d meet city centre, somewhere busy and make the drop-off. My stomach was churning (I hadn’t had any breakfast). I arrived early and scanned the street – which direction would they come from? what if we didn’t recognise each other? 5 minutes passed and still no sign. 10 minutes passed and no sign. Oh no would I have to wait another day to get this package???

Then from the corner of my eye, walking down the street comes Lesley holding the beautiful parcel of Alcoholic Cocktail Cupcakes and I smiled. (Who wouldn’t at the prospect of having cupcakes for breakfast?!)

cake box

Lesley is the owner and creator of Eat Me Ltd (sounds a bit naughty doesn’t it!), Scotland’s first independent cocktail flavoured cake shop.

Lesley started this small business in November last year. She still holds down a full time job whilst getting this one off the ground, so all her free time is spent in a whirlwind of flour, eggs, butter and icing sugar, baking wonderful cakes and cupcakes for your indulgence. Lesley is fostering some great collaborations with companies such as Edinburgh Gin, Goodmans Gin, NB Gin, Smashin Eggs and Good Little Baking Co; so you can be guaranteed that these tasty morsels are baked with some of the finest ingredients (and alcohol).

4 cakes

So back to the mission….I have the box of cakes in my hands and Lesley explains what cupcakes she has baked for me to try. Cosmopolitan and Mojito. You have no idea how much I wanted to eat these at 8.30am that morning, but I managed to wait until 6pm that night when I got home (no idea how I managed that either – they sat on my desk all day, starring at me through the clear top of the box whispering “eat me”, “eat me”).

gnt cupcake

Eventually I am home and after taking several photos I bite into this soft fluffy sponge through the perfectly pretty piped icing swirl. I went for the Mojito one first followed by the so-so pretty iced rose Cosmo Cupcake. Both tasted delicious. I sat in a cupcake cake-rush stupor for about 10 minutes. Mmmmmm.

cosmo cupcake

Eat Me Ltd produces a variety of cakes and cupcakes including

  • Follow the White Rabbit (Bailey’s, Kahlua & milk)
  • Golden Afternoon (Malibu & pineapple juice)
  • Through the looking glass (Gin, tonic & a splash of blackcurrant)
  • Raven’s writing desk (Bacardi, mint, club soda & mango)
  • Cheshire Cat (Vodka, triple sec & cranberry juice)
  • Mad Hatter (Vodka, tequila, rum, gin, cointreau & coke

cakes and leaflets

There are only 2 units of alcohol per 12 cakes (0.16 of a unit per cake) meaning you are still safe to drive, as long as you don’t eat all 12.  I could only slightly taste the alcohol in them so would definitely ask for them to be made stronger the next time. I asked Lesley about this and she has informed me that customers can request for them to be made stronger and that she will make a point of asking customers their preference on the strength of alcohol when ordering. It’s a tough one as we all have such different tastes.

You can order these delightful cupcakes and cakes for an event, a special occasion, or just for no reason at all and I love the various order options especially the subscription box. Can you imagine receiving a box of 12 flavour-of-the-month cupcakes every month. CAKE HEAVEN!!!!!!

This is a new exciting small business, please do support it by following Eat Me Ltd on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and helping to spread the word or even better order some cupcakes. Go on, I know you want to.


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