NEWS : Celebrate Burns with the Calvin Haggis Burger from Bryon Burgers

‘Baby, this is what you came for’ is something you’ll be singing when you bite into the Calvin Haggis Burger at Bryon Burgers.

To celebrate our national bard, Rabbie Burns, Byron Burgers have come up with the Calvin Haggis Burger that they are serving all this week until the 28th January.

So what’s it got? Lets start at the top.

Squishy Bun

Runny Egg

Dry Cured Bacon

American Cheese


6oz Hamburger Beef patty

Bacon and Onion relish

Tattie Scone

Byron Sauce

Squishy Bun


Sorry, I can’t help it, I’m addicted to watching runny egg yolks! It looks amazing though right?? It also tastes good. The patty is slightly pink in the middle (that’s how they cook em); the bacon added a severe smoky hit to the burger and the Byron sauce (a little like 1000 Island sauce) added a slight tang to it all. The haggis was nice; but for me the clear winner in this burger stack was the egg.

We ordered some cheese fries too. These were rather more-ish; covered in a runny cheese but not overly cheesy! You just kept eating them.

The Calvin Haggis burger costs £11 and believe me you will not leave hungry! The Calvin Haggis is available from both the Byron Burger restaurants – Lothian Road and North Bridge.

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