Surf n Turf – A Review of Burger & Lobster

Their Instagram feed is filled with images of large orange claws and large burgers that are drooling with juiciness, so it was a clear cut decision to visit Burger and Lobster on my wee London trip.


We choose to go to the Oxford Circus restaurant as we would be heading to the Dominion Theatre shortly afterwards.

Having just traveled in 1st class with Virgin Trains East Coast from Edinburgh Waverley to London Kings Cross (and what a joy it was!) it was a total shock to the system to have to find my way on the tube from Kings Cross to Oxford Circus – not so much finding the correct tube line and platform but facing the peak rush hour mayhem of hoards of people! Oh my, I will never ever moan again about Edinburgh traffic, buses or trams!

Burger and Lobster is tucked away on a side street just off Oxford Circus on Little Portland Street. We were warmly greeted by our hostess and promptly shown to a table.


I have to say I wasn’t overwhelmed by the interior. It’s a little cold for all its warm colouring and its certainly has no interesting décor. But we were here for burgers and lobsters so onto the food we go.


The menu is simple with a few burger and lobster choices; and the ultimate dish – the Fitzro Combo which if you can’t decide what to have, this is the easiest option and gives you the best of both. You get a Mayfair Burger and a 1lbs lobster with chips and butter.


Delivered to the table came our plastic bibs, our lobster cracker and forks! The excitement was building.


To go with our meal we choose some cocktails (of course). The Tokyo Dream with Havana rum, umeshu plum sake, pink grapefruit, pimento and ginger; and the Hawaiian Margarita with Olmeca Altos Plata, guava, lime, agave and sage garnished with black salt.


Both were nice, I especially enjoyed the Hawaiian Margarita with the salt. Only thing that disappointed me was our waiter took my cocktail away before it was even finished. Not professional at all!


The trays arrived laden with surf and turf delights. A whole Maine lobster with large claws. The lobster was already cut in half and the claws slightly cracked making it easier for you to draw the meat out. The lobster meat was sweet, juicy and delicious. My only complaint is that they kept the tomalley in the lobster – this is the putrid smelling green meat substance found around the head of the lobster. It’s the liver and pancreas of the lobster and most restaurants will remove this.  We both ordered the same meal but one was served with plain butter and one with garlic butter! We ended up sharing both butters too.


The Burger was nice, not the best burger I have had but not the worst. The burger patty was cooked well, pink in the middle but I thought it lacked seasoning or something. It was fairly bland. This is perhaps intentional so that you would order a sauce with it, but it should be able to stand on its own too. Chips were good.

Overall I was disappointed at my visit. The staff were fairly attentive if a little pushy when taking your order (obviously they have been instructed to upsell! upsell! upsell!) but then forgot about you as soon as you had placed your order. It’s expensive too so expect to part with at least £30-£40 per person. It’s a busy restaurant and a tourist destination so no doubt they will continue to have a continuous stream of customers no matter what the service is like nor what the food taste like.

My award : Wooden Spoon. Food was good but it along with the service needs improving.

Burger and Lobster, 6 Little Portland Street, London, Tel: 020 7907 7760,








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